Situational Awareness

All of your data, one intelligent dashboard

  • Improve Operational Performance
  • Drive Labour Efficiencies
  • Extend the life of your Assets

What is the Situational Awareness Solution

Through a single user-defined dashboard, Situational Awareness removes isolated data management by uniting any data source into a central intelligent dashboard. This application provides organisations with an unprecedented level of monitoring for their assets, from a top level view to an individual asset. Situational awareness alleviates the need to replace existing software or systems, it is a complimentary, overarching solution providing intuitive visual displays required for informed analysis and decision making.

There are no limitations on data, ICONICS support open standards, uniting databases, real-time systems, IoT devices, spreadsheets, web services and much more.

The Technology Behind the Software

Situational Awareness is built upon the ICONICS GENESIS64™ platform providing users with a modern, secure, highly configurable data collection, data aggregation and visualisation system. Situational Awareness’ universal data connectivity design is built on industry open standards such as OPC Classic, OPC Unified Architecture, BACnet, SNMP, Modbus, DNP3 and Web Services. Put simply, these open standards allow you and your business to leverage existing systems and connect to any asset or system.


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Commercial Benefits

  • Help Improve Operational Performance
  • Prioritise Tasks Based on the Financial Implications to Your Company
  • Rationalise Disparate Data to Remove Isolated Decision
  • Drive labour Efficiencies and Reduce Operational costs
  • Extend the Life of Your Assets
  • Monitor your Entire Operation on any Device

Key Features

  • Unite and View Data from Multiple Sources in Real time
  • Intelligent Real Time Analysis of Business KPI's
  • Geo-Spatially Map Alarms, Work Orders and Customer Data
  • Feed Incident Data at any Time, anywhere and on any Device
  • Historical Data Analysis of Chosen Assets
  • Mobilise Data at Anytime, Anywhere and on any Device
  • Monitor and Reduce Energy Consumption Through Fault Detection
Plant-Wide Visualisation

Plant-Wide Visualisation

Aggregate a variety of data sources and systems, into a single visual + analytical location for industrial 'situational awareness'. Organisations can begin making smart, business holistic decisions as data sources are no longer in silo.

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Situational Awareness for Water Utilities

Situational Awareness for Water Utilities

Situational Awareness is a completely customisable environment where companies can visualise data and analyse a variety of existing data sources and systems in a single enterprise system.

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“We are pleased with ICONICS’ ability to provide a solution that can be built, maintained and controlled without paying consultants at every turn.”

Greg Howard, Systems Integration Manager | AES Wind Generation