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HMI-SCADA-Symbol Graphic-01.pngSymbol Libraries | Smart Symbols | Global Colour Themes

Select and modify pre-built symbols from an extensive library. Design custom  colour themes for corporate branding and bulk apply settings across multiple screens with easy-to-use engineering tools.

GraphWorX64 - Using the Symbols Library.jpgSymbol Symbols
Smart symbols are advanced object groups that can greatly simplify configuration and reduce engineering time by allowing the configuration of inner objects without a need to repeatedly drill the same instance of repeated symbols in a display. In other words, objects have the ability to share parent properties which in turn allows users to edit those inner objects across multiple symbols. Users can create and add smart symbols to the library and then dynamically combine symbols with tags, aliases and expressions.

Symbol Libraries 
The GENESIS64 extensive symbol library provides a way for users to quickly build and edit graphical displays on the fly. Symbols can be anything from a simple switch that turns green on true and red of false, to complex switches, dials, gauges, sensors and other icons. All symbols are modifiable objects that post customisation can be re-uploaded to your symbol library for future screens and projects. Once happy with the symbol, users can add any combination of tags, aliases, expressions or shapes to the object.

GraphWorX64 - Configuring Global Color Themes_0.jpgGlobal Colour Palette
Define standard objects, colours and themes and deploy them across every screen. Perfect for large deployment teams and runtime colour switches. In GraphWorX64, users can define parent themes (I.e. Day, Dusk and Night modes), and then sub-define colour aliases for every single object, property, border and background within that theme. Once the theme and values have been assigned, users can trigger colour changes during runtime, using the ribbon item ‘Theme’, or configuration mode.  

Bulk Configuration Tools

Configure assets, alarms and disparate data faster than ever within GENESIS64™, slashing repetitive engineering, human error and engineering time.

BHMI-SCADA-Deploying Projects Faster-01_2.pngulk Asset Configuration with Excel
The Bulk Asset Configuration (BAC) utility within AssetWorX™, is a Microsoft Excel plug-in tool that automatically instantiates equipment based on class whilst allowing unique parameters to be defined for each instance of equipment. This is an incredibly handy tool you can use to quickly add or update a batch of assets and other associated objects, such as alarms or trending/historical tags.

Bulk Display Creation
Similar to the BAC tool, the Bulk Display Configurator within GraphWorX64 allows easy configuration of displays by dynamically creating a display using symbols from the Symbol Library and instructions from a CSV file.

Create Runtime Displays in HTML5 | Runtime Preview | Drag + Drop Data Sources 

Save UI design time by previewing screen designs without entering and exiting runtime modes, or create HTML5 displays screens in runtime for quick BI visualisation.

HMI-SCADA-KPIWorX-VideoPlay-01.pngRuntime Display Creation in HTML5 with KPIWorX
KPIWorX™ is a new app that allows for the creation, saving and loading of self-service dashboards based-on fully mobile responsive HTML5 technology. Users can drag and drop data, configure widgets and split screens to add new widgets utilising several preconfigured gauges, process points, trends, alarms and grids. A library of intuitive drag and drop smart symbols makes display creation seamless and efficient. Learn more here

Runtime Preview
The GraphWorX64 runtime preview mode allows you to view how a screen would like in runtime whilst simultaneously editing displays in configuration mode.

Drag and Drop Data Source
Within GraphWorX64, users can unite data with graphics by simply drag and dropping data from the clipped tree control view (a hierarchical data source tree for logically structuring your data).

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