Situational Awareness for Manufacturing

Overarching Data Visualisation & Control

  • Industry 4.0
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Condition Monitoring

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Situational Awareness Plant wide VisualisationWhat is Situational Awareness for Manufacturing?

As more plant-floor devices come online through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), interoperability and smart data management needs to be at the core of our systems and people. Situational Awareness for Manufacturing is a completely customisable environment where any organisation can aggregate a variety of data sources, and systems, in a single visual and analytical location. The business value lies in the fact that organisations become hyper ‘aware’ of their assets and thus make smart, business holistic decisions as data sources are no longer in silo.

Born out of the SCADA and HMI world of control, Situational Awareness for Manufacturing unites real-time alarms, MES, ERP, energy, SCADA data and much more into one enterprise system. These data sources can vary, and be configured completely based on your requirements. Existing systems begin to interact and our data analytics technology applies the intelligence. 

Plant Wide Visualisation

Commercial Benefits of Situational Awareness

  • Help Improve Operational Performance
  • Reduce Downtime & Increase OEE
  • Prioritise Tasks Based on the Financial Implications to Your Company
  • Rationalise Disparate Data to Remove Isolated Decisions
  • Drive Labour Efficiencies & Continuous Improvement
  • Extend the Life of Your Assets
  • Monitor the Whole of Your Global Operation on Any Device
  • Anticipate & Respond to Live Weather Forecasts for 'JIT' Purposes

Key Features

  • View Operational Data from Multiple Sources in Real Time
  • Normalise Data into Measurable Information & Operational KPIs
  • Custom Business Rules That Analyse & Action Disparate Data Trends
  • Goe-Spatially Map Alarms, Work Orders and Other Operational Data
  • Monitor and Reduce Energy Consumption Through Fault Detection
  • Mobilise and Reduce Energy Consumption Through Fault Detection
  • Mobilise Data at any Time, Anywhere and on any Device
  • Historical and Real Time Drill down Analysis of Operational Assets

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

BIS began a journey with ICONICS that was going to allow them to build a scalable, Azure cloud based solution that would revolutionise the way Central Government would manage their property estate.

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E.ON Case Study

E.ON embarked on a project with ICONICS, delivered by Cougar Automation Ltd (a certified Gold partner of ICONICS), to allow E.ON to visualise and control its regional Energy Centres in one front-end, 64-bit solution from its brand new central control room in the heart of London.

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United Biscuits Case Study

ICONICS engineers worked alongside McVitie’s technical staff using ICONICS HMI/SCADA software to develop a system that executes the rules and makes the control adjustments within the ovens automatically.

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