Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Software

Measure OEE, Reduce Downtime and Increase Profitability

  • Pre-built Calculations
  • Downtime Analytics
  • Production Scheduling

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Overall Equipment Effectiveness Software What is OEE?

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a measure of a manufacturing process’s productivity.. An OEE score of 100% demonstrates that you are manufacturing design standard goods, as fast as possible, with no downtime (or stops). 

OEE is made up of three principle areas:

  1. Availability (Run-time vs Stop Time/Availability Loss)

  2. Quality (Acceptable Output vs Defects/Quality Loss)

  3. Performance (Optimum Run-time Scenario vs Slow Cycles/Performance Loss)

Custom Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be set to measure the performance of the process against business objectives, to support cost reduction and output.



Uncover Hidden Potential with OEE Software

ICONICS OEE software is a full, end-to-end process performance monitoring solution that provides actionable intelligence to users at any level of an enterprise. Highly accurate real-time and historical information drives global operational efficiency and competitive advantage gains.

Real-time data is aggregated from almost any data source through open, industry standard, secure protocols.  which is displayed via an intelligent dashboard. At the core of ICONICS OEE software is our BizViz Productivity Analytics suite, a configurable data environment, giving the user functionality to align business objectives with real-time data.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness Software OEE Software that Drives Efficiency

Powerful data mining functionality is at the heart of our OEE software, real-time data and KPIs are effortlessly tracked, with no need for operator intervention. The intelligent automated alarm feature notify operators of alerts when certain parameters are met, so that actionable intelligence is delivered when it’s needed most, to reduce downtime and increase efficiency.

Unplanned downtime can be reduced by using our OEE software to drill down into the root cause of any downtime event, compare real-time and historical data sets to pin point any issues in your processes, and monitor specific asset performance. 




Overall Equipment Effectiveness Software DashboardWhy Invest in OEE Software? 

  • Advanced Analytics and Automated Reporting
    Advanced analytical functionality with configurable automated reporting. Smart automatic reporting, in addition to real-time and historical status reports enable users to access advanced data analytics and assess important business scenarios.
  • Prioritise Workloads
    Work smarter, not harder. Fault cost prioritisation improves efficiency and reduces costs by advising the operator on the most costly work actions required.
  • Accountability
    Role-Based Visual Dashboards allow the user to customise individual views based on user roles and groups, evaluate team performance with enhanced accountability
  • Preconfigured Templates
    Built to suit almost any manufacturing-based process, quicker implementation allows users to quickly get started, and use pre built report templates, drill-down graphics, interactive charts and KPI's

  • Connectivity to Multiple Data Sources
    ICONICS OEE Software features open connectivity with SQL, SAP, SNMP, Oracle, ODBC and OLE DB. Aggregate operational data from multiple sources

  • Powerful Data Mining Tracks Real-Time KPIs
    Track throughput, OEE, utilisation, yield, availability, uptime, cycle time and other KPIS. Smart automated alarm configuration alerts users when processes reach set parameters.

  • Continuous Improvement
    Actionable data intelligence highlights opportunities to streamline processes and improve OEE. Preconfigured report templates help users to take preventative maintenance measures, where it is most needed.


Overall Equipment Effectiveness Software OEE Software Key Features

  • Personalised Dashboards
    See your data the way you’d like to see it, display key analysis in real-time to meet your business objectives
  • Web Interface
    Design and develop custom dashboards, reports, trends and KPI views. Cost savings and quicker deployment are achieved through web-based configuration and maintenance
  • Intuitive Navigation System
    Intelligent navigation gives a better user experience and gives the user more time to address issues
  • Open Architecture
    Easily integrate KPIS, production schedules, work orders and more from your business systems such as HMI, MES and ERP systems

  • Configurable KPIs
    KPIs such as OEE, Downtime, Cycle Time and more in visually stunning charts and reports empower users to make informed decisions to increase production efficiency

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