Mobile Responsive SCADA/HMI


  • HTML-5
  • Any Device
  • Smart Tiles Responsiveness

Mobile Responsive SCADA/HMIWhat is Mobile SCADA?

Reduce the time it takes to recognise and fix issues by accessing your real-time data on any mobile device, via a ‘truly thin client’ and responsive application which requires no footprint or boot strap. Built on HTML5 and WinRT technology, MobileHMI™ securely brings the power of GENESIS64TM and your data to any device, anywhere at anytime. 

Mobile SCADA and Mobile HMI harness the power of ICONICS GENESIS64 HMI/SCADA, for instant access to your control system through any handheld web-enabled device. View all of your real-time and historical data, anytime, anywhere, on any Apple, Android or Microsoft desktop, tablet or smartphone device.

Interaction with real-time production monitoring on-the-go is made possible through a next generation mobile app. Stunning graphical user interface and intelligent navigation enable the most flexible and secure data visualisation available.

AR Integration 

Reduce manual errors and visualise your data faster by: scanning QR Codes and receiving details about that particular device or asset. Read Near Field Communication (NFC) devices and update the backend database; walk near a certain GPS location and be presented with the relevant display; scan your security card and log in to the system – all within GENESIS64TM

Mobile Responsive SCADA/HMI on ScreenOperational Agility with Mobile SCADA

Built for busy executives and operators, remotely access your operations with the same level of dashboard intelligence expected from a local installation. Save your favourite dashboards and alarms to access plant information with seamless transition between devices.

Running on the latest windows server platform, making secure business critical decisions on the go has never been easier with MobileHMI. 

Mobile Responsive SCADA/HMIImproved responsiveness with Mobile SCADA

Ground-breaking Smart Tile, AppHub™ and configuration technology help simplify deployment to any Microsoft, Apple or Android device.

This is achieved using industry standard WinRT and XAML-to-HTML5 technology to deliver a new layer of data intelligence away from the control room. Remotely monitor operations and never miss an alarm or business event.

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Mobile SCADA FeaturesMobile SCADA Features

  • Mobile Client Technology
    Create stunning interactive, real-time dashboards with HTML5 or WinRT for any Apple, Android, Microsoft, Web-enabled HDTV, or other Web-enabled device.
  • Multi-touch Gesturing
    Access and visualise the data you need with ease, using our smart navigation engine. Spend less time monitoring with smart alarms and take control securely by enabling an additional single-finger unlock touch.
  • Smart Tiles
    Use the intuitive AppHub™ to customise displays and create a consistent user experience with bespoke standards for your data visualisation. 

  • Favourites, Browsing and Caching
    Pick up where you left off, by adding any display, alarm or graphic to your favourites, for seamless transition between devices. Maintain the same level of visualisation expected from a local installation.

  • Centralised Security for Role-Based View
    All users receive the same level of security, regardless of where they are, and which device they are using. 

Mobile SCADA Benefits_2.pngMobile SCADA Benefits

  • Instant Access to Analytics
    View all of your real-time and historical data, anytime, anywhere, on any Apple, Android or Microsoft desktop, tablet or smartphone device. See Energy, Production and other critical information such as; Real-time and historical data, KPIs, Alarms, Trends, Scorecards and GEO SCADA visualisation 
  • Universal Visualisation
    Choose from variety of pre-configured device templates that include resolution, aspect ratio and a faceplate to mimic the look and feel of the selected device. Secure unified view for all users, regardless of their role in the organisation.
  • Universal Data Access
    Our Mobile SCADA has industry open standards at its core. Connect to any data source with: OPC Classic, OPC Unified Architecture, BACnet, SNMP, Modbus and Web Services. Access data sources instantly with automatic device discovery for simple connection.

  • Mobile Server and Cloud Ready
    Mobile SCADA runs on the latest Windows Server Platforms, allowing it to be located with ease. Lightweight installation means our software is perfect for virtualisation and cloud enterprise.

  • Fast, Easy Setup with Configuration Wizards
    Intuitive configuration wizards guide you through set up with ease, find your data source, personalise your display and you’re ready to realise the benefits of Mobile SCADA.

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