Recipe + Batch Management

High availability batch + recipe management Software

  • Recipe Management | Batch Scheduling
  • ERP | MES Integration
  • ISA-88 | 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
  • 3D Visualisation | Traceability

HMI SCADA Recipe + Batch Management SoftwareRecipe and Batch Management Software

GENESIS64™ BatchWorX module was designed from the ground up to support complex batching processes and is fully ISA-88 compliant. BatchWorX acts as a real-time conductor executing the entire sequence of elementary operations across any process (life sciences, fine chemicals and food and beverage). The software communicates with the controller(s), executing each phase using a standardized protocol (PLI), providing users with electronic traceability of any batch. 

We believe batch and recipe management will increase your production efficiency, batch consistency and ultimately the quality of goods produced. BatchWorX leverages the visualisation power and open connectivity of GENESIS64, resulting in seamless integration with existing or new equipment.


HMI SCADA Batch Recipe 3D ModelsBatchWorX Feature Highlight

  • Real-time Management
    • Current actual dosage, temperature and agitation speed
    • Phase State (default, stop, suspension, in-progress)
    • Fault Management (out of tolerance, out of flow)
    • Online Action by using command buttons (stop, suspension, resume and cancel)
    • Online modification on the recipe in progress
  • Formulae
    Define the composition of the batching and include the appropriate ingredient rations. The formula definition can be the template for multiple recipes.
  • Recipe Manager
    Manage and configure bespoke formulae and advanced recipes. A recipe is based on the formula and defines the steps of how the formula will be used to manufacture the required product. This includes the dosing stages, equipment to use and commands to issue such as mix times.
  • Recipe Operation
    Each operation is carried out by running a process phase which links plant equipment modules together in routes. As recipes are selected to run on different elements, BatchWorX offers users only those phases which relate to those elements. This is achieved by using the GRAFCET language, Sequential Function Chart (SFC), which links phases together and enables you to easily describe the parallelism or the sequence of operations or phases. As soon as transfer phases are introduced in the recipe, materials defined in the formula are linked to the phase parameters so that routes are automatically configured for the selected plant equipment modules.

  • Batching Schedule Viewer
    Plan>Execute>Monitor. The BatchWorX scheduler and viewer are fully .NET components that allowed users to create bespoke HMI screens. Users can plan and execute batches on demand or via simulated schedules.

  • Batch Validation
    The Batch Initialization process will check all the elements necessary for successful batch execution including recipe and equipment module validation, availability of equipment modules and production unit reservations.

HMI SCADA Batch Recipe 3D ModelsWhy chose BatchWorX for Batch Management?

  • ISA-88 Compliant and Highly Flexible Batch Management Toolkit
  • ERP/MES Integration
    Create specific workflow data exchanges in real-time through BridgeWorX. ICONICS can integrate into existing ERP systems such as SAP and other computer-assisted production management applications.
  • Ergonomic Graphical User Interface (GUI)
    Simple GUI configuration tools for defining your process, phases, equipment and parameters.
  • Dynamic Reporting
    Capture, analyse and visualise your data intuitively via easy-to-use dynamic reports. The GENESIS64 reporting module, ReportWorX, is a fully configurable, .NET reporting platform that providing users with configurable charts, graphs, tables and many other components.

  • Open Connectivity via OPC and much more
    BatchWorX integrates effortlessly with the other ICONICS products and equipment via open industrial standards and protocols.

  • Facilitate 21 CFR Part 11 System Design

  • Real-time Monitoring and Control

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