Alarm Management

Normalise, enrich and filter business events

  • ISA 18.2
  • Rule Based Filtering
  • Smart Notifications

What is Alarm Management? 

Alarm Management systems are utilised by many in process industries to notify plant personnel of abnormal conditions, events or equipment malfunctions of a particular process or line. An alarm is a visible or audible notification of an abnormal event or situation.

In the process industry, alarms typically provide operators information which indicates a probable root cause and response. Properly managed alarms can substantially reduce production costs and downtime whilst providing safe and efficient industrial working environments.


How can ICONICS help with Alarm Management?
ICONICS’ Alarm technology is built on the internationally recognised Alarm Management standard, ISA 18.2. The technology allows users to prioritise, dynamically filter, shelve and rationalise alarms from single or multiple processes. Operators can be notified in real-time of root cause alarms allowing them to correctly prioritise.


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Alarm Management FunctionalityOur Alarm Management Functionality

  • ISA 18.2 Alarm Management Standard Compliant
    Our Alarm Management solution meets the internationally recognised standard for rule based alarms and prioritisation
  • Alarm Prioritisation
    Prioritise alarms based on their classification
  • Rule Based alarms
    Work processes determine which alarms are necessary and which aren't
  • Dynamic Filtering - Remove Consequential Alarms
    One alarm can cause many more, rationalise alarms and get to the root of the issue or event
  • Alarm Shelving
    Temporarily suppress alarms when they meet certain parameters, track their status and deal with them at a later stage
  • Smart Notifications
    SMS, Email, HTML5 Dashboards, Reports

Alarm Management BenefitsCommercial Benefits of Alarm Management

  • Respond to alarms quicker and reduce production costs and downtime
  • Save engineering time and resource by removing inconsequential alarms
  • Drive a safer and more efficient working environment
  • Simplify alarm management by normalising multiple different alarm sources into a common alarm format
  • Respond to the most important alarms by editing alarm data for shelving/suppressing alarms
  • Dynamic filtering of alarms based on an input spreadsheet

  • Prioritise the most important alarms by dynamically allocating alarms based on a hierarchy

  • Manage and analyse past alarms and trends with logging and reporting functionality

  • Save time with dynamic alarm generation based on a fully featured expression engine