Smart Campuses Part 3: How ICONICS Technology can Help

19th May 2016

The Misconception

As a software provider, we are often seen as the final ‘analytics’ layer needed for tweaking set points and “shaving the last few percent off our energy spend”. Yes, we are the overarching layer and, yes, we need equipment data to connect to, but we strongly reject the idea that significant savings can’t be found from additional intelligence above and beyond what a standard Building Management System (BMS) or Building Energy Management System (BEMS) provides. Our goal is to save our clients a minimum of 10 to 20 percent in energy and/or carbon costs annually through real-time visualisation, control and advanced building analytics. Typically, ROI on an ICONICS smart building investment can be achieved within 18 months.

The High Level Overview

  1. Advanced Building Analytics: Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD)

Remember that, in part 1 of this series, I argued that a truly smart building should be able to do more than just automate and integrate systems? Well, ICONICS Fault Detection and Diagnostic technology can be defined as ‘smart’, as it is predictive at the core. The technology works by continuously commissioning your buildings based on weighing the probability of equipment failure and advising personnel of preventative actions before faults actually occur. The intelligent FDD algorithms monitor data 24/7 to identify ‘events’ (not alarms). If a heating and cooling valve is open simultaneously on AHU3 for 30 minutes a day it might be costing you, but it’s not business critical and thus flagged by your standard BMS. Likewise, why are the lights left on after normal working hours, or light sensors staying on when occupancy counts are zero? ICONICS has a library of FDD rules and new ones that can be created and tailored to your facilities.

Energy analytiX program on 3 desktop computer screens

  1. Real-time HTML5 Energy Management Dashboards with Reporting

Energy monitoring speedomiter ICONICS’ energy monitoring, energy analysis and energy management system (EMS) delivers rich browser-independent, real-time data to any device via HTML-5 technology. It addresses any application from a single building to an entire campus or multi-site enterprise. You can create IT firewall-friendly, secure custom energy dashboards and kiosks to view energy reports analysing your energy consumption patterns, resource usage and progress on sustainability.

Energy analytiX program on 3 desktop computer screens

  1. Building Management System Alarm Rationalisation

Large alarm clock surrounded by small alarms Too many alarms coming from disparate BMS or BEMS platforms? ICONICS software can filter and group alarms based on custom business rules, allowing you, the user, to focus on the most important events in your estate.



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Written by
Sam Walton

Sam Walton