The Road to a Successful DCIM Implementation

1st January 2016

The Road to a Successful DCIM Implementation


Why some DCIM-projects fail and others become a huge success?

In 2007 the DCIM market did not exist, nowadays there are many DCIM manufacturers and vendors. Most deliver a DCIM solution that partially fulfil the needs of an end-user but some offer an empty DCIM box. For an end-user it is important to recognise beforehand the quality and risks of a vendor and its product.

How to recognise a failing project beforehand

Suppose you have to manage a data centre, and you know you need to improve monitoring to keep up with your competitors. Who do you invite to help you? One of the big companies who have gained a big DCIM market position seems to be the most logical step. But is it sensible? This is what often happens;

The first step is to create fear

They tell you, as a data centre owner, that a DCIM implementation is not implementing software, but it is a long and difficult journey. To guarantee success it is important that a consultant makes an inventory of the equipment within your data centre and investigates the possible gains. DCIM suppliers typically do this for a fixed price (we see prices of €40- €80 per square meter for this investigation/consultancy) or based on an hourly rate.

Next is to show the financial and operational benefits of the solution

The nice part for the DCIM supplier is that you, as data centre owner, have already paid the full project price for the investigation and they’ve learnt your issues and goals. The DCIM manufacturer just has to anticipate your fears, and offer a solution for that. Their advantage is that no other DCIM competitor has a knowledge of your issues as well as they do, so their offer will be less accurate.

Now it becomes risky

If the DCIM vendor did a good job, you want their DCIM software. Unfortunately they know they cannot deliver the solution that fits your needs. Never mind, they just sell you a license and a training course, and leave the implementation to yourself or an independent system integrator 

If they become good in this their payoff is huge

If their marketing is good, they’ll sell many licenses. As a bonus they are labelled as the market leader or an award winning software provider, selling non-working licenses becomes very profitable and easy.

True or not?

Unfortunately this is true. Some of the so-called leading DCIM suppliers have a project success rate of only 10%. So 90% of the licenses sold never become operational

Project success is a choice!

To guarantee success only two things have to be taken in account namely:

  1. Ask for a proof of concept for the parts you as a data centre owner fear the most and not accept a good and fast PowerPoint presentation or an impressing computer animation;
  2. Only buy DCIM software from a company who delivers a turn-key solution that not only guarantee a 100% success rate but only get fully paid after the solutions performs as agreed.

What do you need to do if you want a successful DCIM implementation?

If you want to be sure you belong to the 10% successful DCIM implementations, send an email to: