GenEvents - Setting up Value Masking

Article Introduction In this blog, we’re going to explore the logical tag structure of GenEvents, the way we recommend configuring value masking in the GENESIS64 lookup files, and the...

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The Lack of DCIM Increases the Need for Equipment in Datacentres

You might have seen the Magic Quadrant report or DCIM Landscape report with the “leading” DCIM vendors? One of those mentioned companies, CA Technology recently decided to stop all DCIM...

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A Good DCIM Solution is Profitable From Day One

Often DCIM software is seen as “nice to have” or as costs, which is a pity. With a good DCIM-application both costs can be saved just as turn over can be increased. In general DCIM can...

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The Road to a Successful DCIM Implementation

The Road to a Successful DCIM Implementation   Why some DCIM-projects fail and others become a huge success? In 2007 the DCIM market did not exist, nowadays there are many DCIM...

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