Smart Symbols in GraphWorX64

Data Visualisation: Smart Symbols We understand the value in increasing productivity in the workplace and encourage the use of any tools that can be used to increase efficiency in...

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Smart Campuses Part 3: How ICONICS Technology can Help

The Misconception As a software provider, we are often seen as the final ‘analytics’ layer needed for tweaking set points and “shaving the last few percent off our energy spend”. Yes, we...

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Smart Campuses Part 2: Where to Start

Two Tips for Begginning Your Journey Struggling to know where to start in the technology maze that is smart buildings? Part 2 of this blog series will offer two short, practical...

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Perf-IT and ICONICS UK Partner

ICONICS UK become Perf-IT’s sales agent for DCIM in the UK and Ireland. ICONICS UK are excited to announce that we will be partnering with Perf-IT and will act as the UK + Ireland based...

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