What is a Smart Building?

The Ever-evolving Definition Let’s begin with a basic, yet very topical question. What makes a city, a campus or simply a standalone building ‘smart’? Evidently, the design and expected...

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SCADA vs IoT: the Role of SCADA Systems in Manufacturing's Industry 4.0

We are all witnesses to the sustained rise of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the demand to ‘digitise’ within Industry 4.0. Yet legitimate SCADA-based questions, specifically...

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ICONICS Win 2017 Microsoft Application Development Partner of the Year

On June 2nd ICONICS announced that it won the 2017 Microsoft Application Development Partner of the Year award. The company was honoured among a global field of top Microsoft partners for...

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ICONICS Announces the Release of Version 10.95!

10.95 is Here! ICONICS is pleased to announce the release of its version 10.95 products! This new release is packed with a multitude of new features including the powerful new IoTWorX™...

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