Secure Cloud-based Energy Analysis and Fault Management

Smart Energy AnalytiX® is a web dashboard for real-time energy monitoring. This flexible environment monitors all utility metrics and expenditures from electricity, gas, water, and steam, while providing actionable feedback on cost-savings initiatives, budget objectives, EnergyStar performance, and more. The open dashboard environment empowers teams and organizations to cooperate to save energy and money.

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Preconfigured Charting

Leverage preconfigured charting to identify best and worst offenders, cross compare buildings and rooms, and identify off-hours inefficiencies.

Live Energy Monitoring

Remove the disconnect in energy monitoring with live usage and efficiency metrics. Immediate feedback actively provides users with updates, allowing users to make corrective actions before they incur heavy costs.

Product Features
Visualize cost savings from energy management
Reduce engineering time with preconfigured charts
Integrate and interact with historical data
Avoid unexpected overruns on budgeted utilities
Provide visibility and receive instant feedback from anywhere
Add or update meters, equipment, or buildings at any time