Complete SPC Quality Software Solution

Quality AnalytiX® enables operators, quality personnel, manufacturing engineers, and management to view quality SPC data and other production parameters impacting product quality. Users can apply any of the extensive set of built-in SPC calculations to any process variable and integrate SPC data into expressions and logic to drive corrective actions based on process trends. Quality AnalytiX leverages ICONICS Hyper Historian™ technology for data collection and calculations. The architecture supports large enterprise-wide SPC quality programs as well as applications requiring rapid sample rates.

Ensure Product Quality

Spot trends and make decisions based on real-time SPC data with Quality AnalytiX. Reduce scrap and increase production yields using built-in charts, graphs, and alarm views. Powerful workflow technology initiates control actions based on quality conditions or alarm violations, providing changes to process equipment such as PLCs, temperature controllers, and DCS systems.

Preconfigured Calculations

Utilize preconfigured charts to calculate optimum conditions and determine saving per unit or batch. Save time by reusing calculations to optimize conditions and minimize overfills, scrap, and inefficiencies.

Product Features
Customize rule-based alarms
Combine SQC and process monitoring
Universally connect to all new and existing equipment
Unify control processes from dashboards
Utilize preconfigured calculations to optimize conditions
Minimize overfills, scrap, and inefficiencies