OPC ToolWorX™


What is OPC ToolWorX™

OPC ToolWorX™ version 3.5 is the industry's first OPC toolkit with integrated OPC Data Access and OPC Alarm and Events in one toolkit. Rapidly develop high-quality, production-grade, OPC-compliant OPC DA, A/E and OPC XML servers. Create fully operational OPC servers using powerful ICONICS Visual C++ wizards in minutes. The new ICONICS OPC ToolWorX provides online documentation on how to create OPC servers for all Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, including Windows CE 5.0 and 6.0.

Over 250 companies depend on ICONICS for their OPC toolkit. ICONICS was first to introduce a production grade toolkit to the market. ICONICS OPC experts helped create the specifications and sample code for OPC. ICONICS sits on the Board of Directors for OPC Foundation and chairs both the OPC Technical Committee and Marketing Committee.

Create multi-threading, multi-processor OPC servers and clients. Create high-performance in-process and out-of-process OPC servers using COM and DCOM. Supports all required OPC COM interfaces, including several optional interfaces. OPC ToolWorX conforms to the latest OPC specifications including OPC DA, A/E, OPC Complex Data and OPC XML. Productivity OPC utilities, sample Modbus server source code and electronic documentation on how to create DLL and executable OPC servers for all Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. The Professional version of the OPC ToolWorX offers support for Windows CE 5.0 and 6.0, support for Modbus Ethernet (Serial support is offered in the Lite and Professional), and full C++ source code for the toolkit. The OPC ToolWorX is offered in three levels; a no charge demo, Lite and full Professional.

OPC ToolWorX is offered in three levels:
Demo: No charge demo, available as a download or install from the OPC ToolWorX DVD. Creates fully functional OPC servers with a 32 Tag and 2 hour runtime limit.
Note: if you need support for Visual studio 6 or Visual Studio 2003 you will need to request an OPC ToolWorX demo DVD from your local sales channel partner.
Lite: Create OPC servers with no tag or runtime limit.
Pro: Create OPC servers with no tag or runtime limit and includes full OPC ToolWorX source code allowing full customization of all libraries and support for Windows CE 5.0 and 6.0

Features & Benefits of OPC ToolWorX™

OPC Compliant

Complaint with the latest OPC Data Access, Alarm and Events, and XML Data Access. Produces OPC code which will pass OPC Foundation compliance tests.


Works with any Microsoft operating system

Create OPC servers for any Microsoft operating system


Built-in Features

Built-in OPC trace capability, built-in OPC tag simulation.


Productivity Tools

Productivity tools such as DataSpy and TraceWorX speed OPC development.



Intuitive OPC ToolWorX tutorial and online documentation.


Rapidly develop OPC Data Access/OPC Alarm and Event Servers

Using Plug and Play standards tools including the powerful Visual Studio 6.0 and Visual Studio .NET applications wizards. OPC test client, Modbus and simple OPC server source code samples are included.


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