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What is DataWorX32™

Acting as a bridge between various OPC servers, DataWorX32 provides different OPC data channels. Once multiple I/O channels are established, DataWorX™32 will switch between a primary PC (node) and a backup PC on the network. Should the primary PC become disabled, DataWorX32 can automatically switch to the backup PC.

DataWorX32™ is an add-on component to GENESIS32 (or to any other 3rd party OPC based system), providing patent pending enabling technology in four key areas:

• OPC Server to OPC Server Data Bridging
• OPC-Based Redundancy
• OPC Data Aggregation
• Secure, and Patented, OPC Tunneling

DataWorX32 is an OPC Data Access client application that easily plugs-and-plays with ICONICS servers and components, and other 3rd-Party hardware interface drivers and software. It has a role as an OPC Server itself, providing data it collects to other OPC Clients.

“This application using GENESIS32 and integrated by Bohemia Instruments created the ability to centrally control our hydro- powered electrical plants, and made production planning and historical data archiving very easy. The new system will reduce the service calls to remote locations, thereby reducing our operating cost.”

Stanislav Cupr, Manager of Water Hydro Operating Controls | E.ON Trend s.r.o.

“We like the versatility of GENESIS32. We use ICONICS software not just for graphics and control, but for our Plant Historian as well. With the flexibility of OPC, we can easily integrate GENESIS32 with the two Accelemetrics products, CommFidence and the Gas Storage Processing Engine. With the Kepware OPC Server, we can connect any PLC that we have. As we are often acquiring new facilities with different software and PLCs, GENESIS32 and Accelemetrics products have been a great fit for ENSTOR.”

Larry Whitaker, Operations Control Manager | ENSTOR

“ICONICS software has enabled us to build an independent open system for the Kista Science Tower. The GraphWorX design application in GENESIS32 allowed us to create rich graphics and we were able to take advantage of reusable graphic components”.

Joakim Platbarzdis, Integrator | CIT Sweden AB

“We have a very positive opinion of ICONICS and its GENESIS32 HMI/SCADA suite. It has helped to save time and costs for our oil and gas industry clients requiring flexible, extendable visualization solutions, as well as in our company’s development processes.”

Vyacheslav Zavyalov, Control System Specialist | SC «ATS»

Features & Benefits of DataWorX32™

Data Bridging

Can pass information from one device on to another. Provides server-to-server data exchange, serving as an "OPC bridge" between two or more servers, or between OPC servers of various types.


OPC Tunneling

Connects any remote OPC server to a client in a robust and secure manner, allowing for OPC server real-time data to be redirected to more than one location. Powering OPC Tunneling is the patented ICONICS GenBroker™ communication, which provides high-performance and robust communication, replacing Microsoft® DCOM. Completely OPC-compliant, IT firewall-friendly, supporting communications over LANs, WANs and the Internet with built-in security. Simple to install and deploy to virtually any OPC application requiring remote and secure OPC communications.



Provides 100% OPC server redundancy using OPC servers to any OPC client through the network without requiring any programming. Alternative machines can be designated as secondary servers, should a primary server go offline. DataWorX32 scans the OPC server status and switches to the secondary node in case of Primary node failure.


OPC Data Aggregation

Often in very large projects, several OPC client applications request the same points from an OPC server. This may increase the load of the OPC server, having to provide the same data more than once. When multiple clients request data from an OPC server, DataWorX32 monitors the OPC server and aggregates the data to the requesting clients, greatly improving performance and significantly reducing network traffic.


OPC Tunneling

Based on transparent open industry standards. Secure, robust alternative to DCOM communication. IT-friendly; communicates through firewalls and Network Address Translators (NAT). Supports TCP/IP and SOAP/XML communications protocols.


Status and Diagnostics Application

Allows you to scale the right OPC solutions for your application. DataWorX32 Standard allows OPC Data Aggregation, OPC Data Bridging, OPC DA Redundancy, secure OPC Tunneling, OPC AE Tunneling, OPC Data Bridging, and OPC Aggregation. DataWorX32 Professional adds Store & Forward technology, as well as OPC HDA Logged Data Redundancy (requires pair) and OPC AE Logged Data Redundancy (requires pair).



Hot, Warm and Cold failover policies. Automatic failover. Seamless client transfer between redundant server pairs. Zero redundancy configuration required in client applications. Connect to multiple OPC server pairs. Server management information for OPC Data Access points. Synchronised alarm management and alarm acknowledgement.


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