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What is OPC Connectivity

ICONICS provides OPC-to-the-Core™ solutions ranging from a wide range of OPC servers and clients to a suite of toolkits for developing OPC toolkits. ICONICS is a charter member of the OPC foundation and has assisted the foundation over the years with providing source code, hosting Inter op studies as well as serving on the board of directors for the foundation.

ICONICS solutions for OPC include:

Free OPC Tools - Centralised configuration with easy deployment for large-scale or redundant application
OPC ToolWorX - Design high powered intelligent vector graphics and publish to the web via WPF or Silverlight
DataWorX - Collect and analyse historical data as well as view real time trends.

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Features and benefits of OPC Connectivity


OPC Data Access is the original OPC specification used to move real-time data from PLC’s, DCS’s, and other control devices to HMI’s and other display clients


OPC Alarms and Events provides alarm and event notifications on demand (in contrast to the continuous data flow of Data Access). These include process alarms, operator actions, informational messages, and tracking/auditing messages.


OPC istorical Data Access provides access to data already stored. From a simple serial data logging system to a complex SCADA system, historical archives can be retrieved in a uniform manner.


The Unified Architecture is the next generation OPC standard that provides a cohesive, secure and reliable cross platform framework for access to real time and historical data and events.

OPC .NET 3.0

Formerly known as OPC Express Interface (Xi). This new API will enable users of OPC Classic to leverage the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) technology, facilitating the transfer of data securely through firewalls.

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