Instant KPIs and Alerts on Any Glass, Anytime

MobileHMI is an enterprise mobile application that runs on hundreds of different phones and tablets and can scale to thousands of devices. MobileHMI delivers real-time rich visualization, historical trends, and alarm notifications without compromising security. MobileHMI addresses the growing need for connectivity away from operator stations, allowing personnel to monitor and control from anywhere. The consistent user experience across any device enables teams to mobilize without requiring any upfront investment in device standardization.

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React rapidly to critical alarm conditions with any mobile smart device. View and sort alarms and take immediate action by acknowledging critical alerts via phone or SMS messaging. Integrated support for operator commands helps record operator actions to provide complete audit trails and regulatory reporting.

Responsive UI

ICONICS responsive design ensures that all user-created applications migrate seamlessly to any client. Flexible design tools in GraphWorX™64 and the Workbench assist users in designing displays for both desktop and mobile applications. Application images and controls automatically resize and reformat, allowing users to truly access all of their applications on any device.

Product Features
Access HMI and SCADA on any mobile device
Create self-service dashboards with KPIWorX
Leverage augmented reality with location services
Intuitive user experience
Navigate mobile displays with the AppHub
Scale applications with IoT integration
Visualize with innovative 3D graphics capabilities