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What is BridgeWorX™

BridgeWorX™ performs efficient data exchange to and from any database or data source. With a unique visual transaction data-mapping configuration wizard, users are able to transfer information to and from real-time OPC manufacturing devices and corporate business information systems. BridgeWorX data-mining technology can access Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, SAP and virtually any real-time or archived manufacturing or business data source.

"To summarize ICONICS, I would say they were professional, responsive and competent."

Eric Blancard, Project Manager | CIAT

"Dynastar benefits from development from ICONICS, which resulted in a simple and very powerful solution."

Pierre-Marie Guillaud | Energy Management Rep.

“ICONICS GENESIS32 is a very powerful and easily configurable control platform. I have no problems with any of the suite components. The integration of scripting and expression editing provides much more power than I am used to.”

Frank Newell, Control Systems Support Specialist | Lincoln Wastewater Services

“ICONICS Productivity Analytics, in addition to identifying issues, has been used to drive a cultural change in the company […] This system has been a great success and the production capacity found to exist in the current plants has exceeded any expectation.”

Jon McArthur, Manufacturing Technology Engineer | PGT Industries

“GENESIS64 gave us unparalleled flexibility for creating the content we needed. We just plugged [it] onto our system to communicate with all our existing hardware interface drivers and software. With its GraphWorX64 tool, our HMI visualizations are much more intuitive and it was easy to do it myself.”

Greg Telesz, Director of Engineering | VEC Technology, LLC

Features & Benefits of BridgeWorX™


Intuitive Graphical Workflow Designer

Simple drag and drop configuration saves significant time on implementation, deployment and maintenance costs.


Powerful Transaction Scheduling

Transactions operate automatically according to your business rules, eliminating the need for manual operator intervention.


Connect to any Real-time or Historical Data Source

Correlated time-based information with batch-based information and seamlessly merge disparate data


Access Detailed Tracing Information

Via thin-client Web interface, discover the root cause of issues faster by knowing exactly what went wrong and when it went wrong.


Advanced Integration

Leverage the power of .NET for advanced integration of third party data within the graphical workflow of a transaction.


Cost Savings and Quick ROI

Given BridgeWorX unique data-mapping configuration capabilities, and the fact that it requires no coding, results in quicker implementation cycles for data transfer and interface management. The costs associated with time consuming custom programming and extensive training no longer exist. It also eliminates the need for individual specialists for each of the participating systems.


Based on Microsoft .NET Technologies

BridgeWorX is written in Microsoft C# (C-Sharp) and ADO.NET programming languages. Connecting to source and target systems is fast, efficient and easy to configure. ICONICS brings you the most advanced data integration and interface management tool available today, taking maximum advantage of Microsoft's most powerful technologies.


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