Manufacturing Intelligence

What is Manufacturing Intelligence

Production line supervisors, plant managers, global supply chain managers, division leaders and CEO’s need accurate up-to-speed, real-time information from all enterprise systems. The ICONICS Manufacturing Intelligence suite of solutions enable users to overcome these business challenges, resulting in increased profitability, streamlined business efficiency and a strengthened loyalty to customers and vendors.

To learn more about ICONICS Manufacturing Intelligence solutions, choose from the following:

BizViz - Manufacturing Intelligence and Business Visualisation
Alarm Analytics - Alarm Management, Reporting and Analysis
BridgeWorX - Real-time Workflow for Data Bridging
MobileHMI - Instant KPI & Alerts for Mobile Devices
PortalWorX - Real-time Collaboration and Visualisation Dashboards
Productivity Analytics - Visual OEE, KPIs and Analysis for Operational Excellence
ReportWorX - Enterprise Reporting, Charting and Analysis Software

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