Self-service Real-time Dashboards for Any Glass

KPIWorX™ delivers a powerful visualization and analysis tool directly to executives, managers, and industry personnel. Connect all devices to KPIWorX to effortlessly manage and navigate assets with real-time data. Configure self-service dashboards that meet specific industry needs while interacting with displays in runtime. Visualize the most important performance indicators of any system or business from any desktop or mobile client and transfer dashboards seamlessly.

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Unlimited Web Clients

We believe that read-only, enterprise-wide KPIs should be made easily and widely available at no additional cost. KPIWorX is a free, web-based, mobile thin client that is also easily configurable, putting self-service dashboards right in users’ hands. The KPIWorX advanced user experience automatically adjusts dashboards using ICONICS’ responsive UI, while also providing a vast library of preconfigured industry symbols.

Self-service Business Intelligence

KPIWorX self-service dashboards continue to leverage the most intuitive, user-friendly features to reduce time spent creating and configuring. An additional aspect of customization and analysis has been added with new BI elements. New elements include filters, maps, tables, treemap charts, funnel charts, pie charts, donut charts, and categorical charts.

Product Features
Seamlessly transition from a desktop to any mobile device
Configure self-service dashboards
Customize dynamics and symbols in any display
Choose from a wide variety of industry specific symbol libraries
Simplify configuration with drag and drop interactions
Leverage powerful analytical tools with business intelligence
Create and distribute reports