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What is GraphWorX™64

GraphWorX™64 is a rich HMI and SCADA data visualisation tool. It allows users to build scalable, vector-based graphics that do not lose details when zoomed upon. Build intuitive graphics that depict real world locations and integrate TrendWorX64 viewers and AlarmWorX64 viewers to give a full picture of operations.

GraphWorX64 makes configuring all projects quick and easy. Users can reuse content through the GraphWorX64 Symbol Library, Galleries and Templates as well as configure default settings to allow objects to be drawn as carbon copies of each other without additional styling.

Create rich, immersive displays with three dimensions. Create a 3D world with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and get a true 360 degree view of available assets. Combine 2D and 3D features using WPF with annotations that move with 3D objects or create a 2D display that can overlay a 3D scene. Utilise the 2D vector graphics to create true to life depictions of operations and view them over the web through WPF.

GraphWorX64 is at the core of the GENESIS64 Product Suite. Bring in content and information from all over GENESIS64 such as native data from SNMP or BACnet devices, AlarmWorX64 alarms and TrendWorX64 trends. Through a desire to have a consistent experience all of GENESIS64 takes advantage of the familiar ribbon menus found throughout integrated applications, such as Microsoft Office.

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Features & Benefits of GraphWorX™64


AutoCAD File Import/Export Capability

The addition of the standard AutoCAD format allows a large base of 2D and 3D models to be used in HMI/SCADA Applications such as; Autodesk DWG, DAE (COLLADA), 3DS, OBJ and 3D. Select which object layers to import and fine-tune the quality with GraphWorX64 Polygon Reduction. For real-time viewing, smaller models perform better and provide smooth user experiences. Once imported, models are freely editable via selection tools for object, face, edge and vertex. Utilise any subset of a model for any dynamic Animation or Pick Action. Models can be saved as symbols for reuse within multiple GraphWorX64 displays.


EarthWorX™ Esri Integration

Integrate GraphWorX64 HMI software with Esri mapping and authentication gives the user the combined power of both software solutions to provide unparalleled visualisations: Show and Hide Esri data (and EarthWorX) Layers via GraphWorX64 Dynamics, Overlay GraphWorX64 Objects on Esri Maps for powerful GEO SCADA Displays. A valid Esri account and Root URL can be entered while in GraphWorX64 Configuration Mode.


PTZ Camera Control

Utilise new camera control in operational displays.


Smart Tiles

Create a simple and elegant way of displaying concise, actionable information utilising .NET controls. Flexible and customisable, Smart Tiles can be used for many purposes, including the intuitive display of: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Alarms and alerts, Dynamic labels and Navigation buttons.


Advanced Night Color Mode Support

Dynamically switch color themes on-the-fly based on situational requirements.


Unparalleled Presentation and Visualisation

Provide real-time visualisation of any manufacturing and business intelligence using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Silverlight and XAML Both the 2D and extensive 3D capability of WPF to deliver real-time data in a variety of visualisation options gives users the richest client user experience found today. The 2D and open capabilities of Silverlight allow GraphWorX64 displays to be shown on a wide variety of operating systems and internet browsers with little to no overhead.


3D Visualisation

View how equipment is running from any perspective. Utilise GraphWorX64 for 2D and 3D visualisation to show accurate 3D representations of a plant, factory, or buildings with real-time data. Create immersive 3D worlds that accurately mimic assets and use functions like Camera Patrol or Custom Views to quickly access any information. Utilise Dynamics to draw attention to critical issues and solve problems immediately through linking alarms and other displays to 3D objects.



Receive text and e-mail alert notifications of excessive energy use, anywhere, anytime, on any device.


Office Style Ribbon Menus

Quickly browse through options and galleries that provide an intuitive user interaction to get applications up and running quickly.


Runtime Viewing

Create custom views to skip between in runtime or set the Camera Patrol to animate between views for an automated overview of operations.


Web Clients

Publish with WPF or Silverlight in order to view the operation from various operating systems, browsers or locations. Stay in touch with how operations are running with the ability to remotely view the system from anywhere, without sacrificing security or control. Even without GraphWorX64 installed, save on the cost of new hardware and infrastructure using ICONICS security and configuration to connect from thin clients. Displays configured with secured layers allow user-dependent viewing of critical information catered to specific job roles.


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