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What is AlarmWorX™64

AlarmWorX™64 is a distributed enterprise-wide alarm management system (OPC A+E) . Available in the standard GENESIS64 suite of applications, or as a stand-alone Open Series component, AlarmWorX64 offers the tools you need to deliver real-time alarm management throughout your system.

AlarmWorX64 Configurator

AlarmWorX64 Configurator Based on the next generation for toolkits and part of the new GENESIS64 Unified Workbench the new AlarmWorX64 Configurator supports remote operations and is a thin-based client, allowing it to run inside Microsoft Internet Explorer. The configurator supports online configuration changes and implements Optimistic Concurrently when used in a multi-user enterprise environment.

AlarmWorX64 Viewer

View both real-time and historical alarms in the same OPC enabled Windows Presentation Foundation or Silverlight viewer. Multiple data sources can be shown while adding new visualisation features such as color translucent gradients for identifying key alarm conditions and improving operational response.

"Dynastar benefits from development from ICONICS, which resulted in a simple and very powerful solution."

Pierre-Marie Guillaud | Energy Management Rep.

Features & Benefits of AlarmWorX™64


Open and Interoperable

64-bit native server and logger interoperates with OPC DA and OPC UA Servers and fully supports both 32- and 64-bit OPC servers making it the most open alarm management solution in the market.


OPC A&E server for SNMP Traps

Enable users to view and log SNMP traps as alarms, allowing further integration of the SNMP devices and wider visibility of applications.


AlarmWorX64 Viewer

Natively support AlarmWorX64 on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and other browsers.


AlarmWorX64 Viewer Customisation

Utilise simple techniques to bring out the power of AlarmWorX64 by configuring custom charts to accompany alarm data, configurable columns to show the alarm information that matter to the operator and grouping to keep spatially diverse areas separate via tabs or other grouping methods


Diagnostic Models Drive Automatic Fault Diagnostics OPC A&E Server for SNMP Traps

Track the status of SNMP enabled devices with integrated SNMP Traps in the AlarmWorX64 A&E Server with simple heartbeat monitoring to detailed machine information, trigger alarms and identify problems quickly from all aspects of an operation.


Store and Forward

Never lose data! For geographically dispersed redundant databases where one AlarmWorX64 Logger is centrally available and another is remotely connected, Store and Forward can be enabled easily to continue logging normally in the event of a network failure. Once the failure has been remediated and the remote logger has a network connection, any data that has been stored can be forwarded to the central logger for storage.


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