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What Is GENESIS64™?

GENESISTM is the most advanced HMI/SCADA solution, and the leader in next generation 64-bit automation visualisation software solutions. Across all industries, GENESIS64 bridges data connectivity, aggregation and visualisation to provide the most flexible and comprehensive software suite, that can be deployed in many areas, for a host of applications such as HMI/SCADA, Building Automation, DCIM, Situational Awareness, OEE Analysis, Plant Data Historian and more. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Application Development Partner, ICONICS is uniquely positioned to remain in line with the most advanced technology available. The HMI/SCADA package seamlessly combines the newest proven technologies while leveraging the years of experience gained from its predecessor, GENESIS32™.

From its 64-bit core to its rich, familiar user interface, GENESIS64 allows users to get their HMI SCADA system up and running quickly and efficiently. The GENESIS64 SCADA software suite easily bridges the plant floor and facilities to corporate business systems. GENESIS64 is designed from the ground up to take advantage of OPC and OPC-UA, PLC, BACnet, .NET managed code, Silverlight and SharePoint® technology. GENESIS64 is available with 100’s of PLC, DCS, Electrical System and Building System, and IT System Interfaces.

“We are pleased with ICONICS’ ability to provide a solution that can be built, maintained and controlled without paying consultants at every turn.”

Greg Howard, Systems Integration Manager | AES Wind Generation

“Cully Automation Ltd. chose ICONICS’ AnalytiX solution firstly because of the working relationship and support which ICONICS has given us in the past, and secondly because we think ICONICS now has the software tools at their disposal with GENESIS64 and AnalytiX to deliver the complete countywide SCADA, Leakage and Energy Management solution to our customer.”

David Cully, Project Manager | Cully Automation

"Dynastar benefits from development from ICONICS, which resulted in a simple and very powerful solution."

Pierre-Marie Guillaud | Energy Management Rep.

It was clear to us that the simplistic nature of the ICONICS tool set and available functionality would enable the flexibility to drive a range of business improvements aimed at enhancing the service and experience provided to our customers

Bernie Rodden Intelligent Control Centre Manager | Scottish Water

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Features & Benefits of GENESIS64™

Windows 10 & Server 2012 Compatible - Experience robust and consistent design across devices


Smart Tiles

Simple .NET controls allow you to create a simple and elegant way of displaying concise, actionable information that is easily identified. Flexible and customisable, Smart Tiles can be used for many purposes, including the intuitive display of; Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Alarms and alerts, Dynamic labels and Navigation buttons.


ReportWorXTM Express Add-in

Get easy access to even more data with this powerful plug-in for Excel 2010 and 2013; Included with GENESIS64, Hyper Historian and AnalytiX products. Easily Integrates with ICONICS Security Server so that role-based reports are available to authorised users, Streamline the Energy Star reporting process with this convenient new way to generate reports appropriate for submission into the U.S. Government EPA Energy Star initiative.


Cloud Connector for Windows Azure

Delivers secure real-time data from devices such as meters, sensors and processors to and from the cloud with the strictest security. IT friendly - requires no changes to firewalls or corporate infrastructure. When combined with our AnalytiX®, MobileHMI and Big Data Hyper Historian™ products, ICONICS offers a complete set of solutions that can help any organisation move from being server centric to the new cloud based services centric technology.


Distributed AssetWorX Scalable Architecture

Increase the scalability of your assets trees. For larger applications, distributed asset trees can be used to create a hierarchy of AssetWorX servers. Splitting assets into subdivisions based on a logical tiered structure allows for more granular security layers and facilities cloud based architectures.


AutoCAD File Import/Export Capability

The addition of the standard AutoCAD format allows a large base of 2D and 3D models to be used in HMI/SCADA applications; Autodesk DWG, DAE (COLLADA), 3DS, OBJ, 3D.


GEOSCADA with Esri

Integrating GraphWorX64 HMI software with Esri mapping and authentication gives you the combined power of both software solutions to provide unparalleled visualisations; Show and Hide Esri Data (and EarthWorX) Layers via GraphWorX64 Dynamics, Overlay GraphWorX64 Objects on Esri Maps for Powerful GEO SCADA Displays.



Scalable from a single location to an entire campus, ideal for any industry,.New Video PTZ Control Utilise new video control in operational displays with Advanced Night Color Mode Support - Offers on-the-fly and dynamically switching colour themes based on situational requirements.


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