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What is GraphWorX™32

GraphWorX™32 is a human-machine interface (HMI) software package for process control. This fully compliant OPC client featuring ActiveX® and OLE Automation technologies helps create dazzling animated graphics. Available as part of the GENESIS32 suite, or as a stand-alone Open Series component, GraphWorX32 offers unparalleled tools for easily creating the content you need for efficient operations. GraphWorX32 can easily plug and play with all ICONICS components and 3rd-party hardware interface drivers and software.

“The ease of use, speed of deployment and project management capabilities of ICONICS’ GENESIS32 HMI/SCADA suite resulted in a 30% savings on engineering-related costs. This was a major benefit, and enabled us to meet critical deadlines prior to the 2008 Summer Olympics.”

Ng Liang Chin, Project Manager | ST Engineering

“This application using GENESIS32 and integrated by Bohemia Instruments created the ability to centrally control our hydro- powered electrical plants, and made production planning and historical data archiving very easy. The new system will reduce the service calls to remote locations, thereby reducing our operating cost.”

Stanislav Cupr, Manager of Water Hydro Operating Controls | E.ON Trend s.r.o.

“The ICONICS GENESIS32 software system has significantly increased the completeness of our documentation and level of quality assurance.”

Milan Turinsky, Control Systems Engineer | Leciva, a.s.

“ICONICS has been a very powerful and effective solution for Metal Trade Comax’s data mining and data aggregation needs. ”

Petr Hornof, Programming Engineer | ADAX s.r.o.

Features & Benefits of GraphWorX™32


Graphics Development & Runtime Environment

Using 32-bit multithreaded, symmetric multi-processor technology, your information is effectively conveyed to operators with the performance it demands. These scalable graphics can be developed and then deployed across all Microsoft Windows OSs including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows XP Professional and more.


GraphWorX32 Viewer ActiveX Control

Drop this ActiveX Control in an HTML Internet-/Intranet-based Web page, or any other ActiveX Container, and it's ready to display your animated graphics. You can even embed it within another GraphWorX32 display for a "picture-in-picture" type effect. Combined with drag-n-drop pick actions, this module greatly expands your design possibilities for putting together an efficient and effective operator interface


Complete Symbol Library

GraphWorX32 comes with a Symbol Library utility that helps store and categorise your graphic elements used in making your HMI displays. In addition to the initial set of symbols included, you can purchase an advanced symbol set or even create your own. Just drag-n-drop objects into a library category. Not only are the visual objects stored, but all dynamics and even any associated VBA scripts as well.


VBA Scripting Engine

GraphWorX32 has a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) integrated editor, which allows writing of VBA Script. This is a powerful tool that allows easy expansion of GraphWorX32 functionality. The scripting engine can parse VBScript and Jscript code, is lightweight and can easily be distributed over the Internet to any thin-client machine.



This connection also allows the browser to support network tag configuration without additional user configuration being necessary.



Utilise tools to view your license usage, classic OPC redundancy and trace files logged from the Workbench environment with built in functionality.


Graphics Development & Runtime Environment

Combine drawings, operating procedures, quality reporting and recipe management directly into your operator displays using your choice of several powerful ActiveX Controls or the built-in Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Scripting Language. Integrate with Corporate Information Systems, Batch, MES, ERP and standard Microsoft Office applications such as Excel, Access and SQL


Add-on Components

GraphWorX32 features Add-on Components that can be added to any project needing these additional features. The Symbol Library provides additional symbols for use in creating displays. The ActiveX ToolBox is a collection of powerful OPC Animated ActiveX Controls. Pocket GraphWorX helps deploy your HMI Displays to handheld Pocket PC


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