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What is AlarmWorX™32 MMX

AlarmWorX™32 Multimedia (MMX) is the industry’s most complete and comprehensive OPC-submissive Alarm Management application. AlarmWorX32 MMX is a distributed, enterprise-wide alarm notification system that delivers real-time alarm information to you wherever you may be. Choose from e-mail, pager, fax, voice, text-to-speech, phone, software and Ethernet hardware marquees and more.

AlarmWorX32 Multimedia Standard Edition

Multimedia package that connects to any OPC Alarm and Events server. Comes with complete set-up Agents including Paging, SMS, E-mail, Fax, Popup, Marquee, Video, Phone, Skype (Voice over IP) and Sound.

AlarmWorX32 Multimedia Lite

All the power of AlarmWorX32 Multimedia Standard but with a limited set of agents. AlarmWorX32 Multimedia Lite comes with the following agents: E-mail, Remote Paging and Simple Messaging Services (SMS).


“(GENESIS64 is) friendly point and click set-up software with no additional help needed.”

Roy Robins Systems Integrator | City of Enid, Oklahoma

“ICONICS software has enabled us to build an independent open system for the Kista Science Tower. The GraphWorX design application in GENESIS32 allowed us to create rich graphics and we were able to take advantage of reusable graphic components”.

Joakim Platbarzdis, Integrator | CIT Sweden AB

“ICONICS software has been an evolving tool for our facility moving from simple graphics to intricate screens in our decade long relationship. It allows facility mechanics to monitor, control, and adjust most systems throughout the campus. We pride ourselves on reacting to and correcting issues before they are ever realized by our customers. ICONICS helps our daily mission be a successful one.”

Robert Smith, Building Services Manager | Longmont United Hospital

“ICONICS Productivity Analytics, in addition to identifying issues, has been used to drive a cultural change in the company […] This system has been a great success and the production capacity found to exist in the current plants has exceeded any expectation.”

Jon McArthur, Manufacturing Technology Engineer | PGT Industries

“We have used ICONICS software products almost exclusively on our installations since 1991. Their consistent high performance and value are always major factors in the success of our projects. The versatility and fully customizable nature of the software allowed us to adapt perfectly to the varied technical issues we encountered on the Solebury campus and to precisely tailor the HMI to fit the needs of their personnel.”

Walter L. Horigan, President | Vortechs Automation, Inc.

“ICONICS were able to reduce our operational cost while providing us with technology we can grow with.”

Ed Rick, System Manager | Town Of Tonawanda Water Resource Dept.

Features & Benefits of AlarmWorX™32 MMX

Scalable Enterprise-wide Design

Deploy to multiple targets: Microsoft Windows OSs (e.g. XP, CE, Windows Server 2003, etc.), Web browsers and Pocket PCs.


Web Enabled Alarming

Instant viewing and acknowledgment over the Internet and intranets. Easily customise alarm summary displays using areas, groups, filters, sorting and much more. Just drop the Alarm ActiveX into any published Web page and view alarms from the Web browsers. It’s never been so easy to stay informed.


Telephone Voice Call-In and Out Alarming

Automatic notification or call-in using a standard or mobile phone.


E-mail and Fax Alerts

Send alarm messages and acknowledgements over standard business communication tools.


Scrolling Marquees and Pop-up Windows

Hardware and software scrolling marquees and attention-grabbing pop-up windows alert you wherever you may be.


Wireless 2-Way Paging for GSM & SMS

Receive and acknowledge messages on a wide range of wireless devices including pagers, Blackberry devices and mobile phones.


E-Mail and Fax Alerts

Away from the control room? Just check your e-mail or Fax. Install the e-mail software on the PC containing AlarmWorX32 and alarms can be sent for your acknowledgement. The Phone Agent supports SAPI v5.1 and TAPI. The E-mail agent can now handle Alarm Notification and support Simple MAPI and SMTP.


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