Hyper Historian™

  • High Performance Data Capture
  • Intelligent Asset Management
  • Powerful Analysis and Reporting

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What is Hyper Historian™

Access to plant data is fundamental to staying competitive and efficient, and enabling optimum plant management. In order to analyse and visualise data in real-time, organisations must have access to plant data and reporting. Hyper Historian is ICONICS high-speed, mission critical Plant Process Data Historian product.

Hyper Historian™ is a plant process historian designed to log data at greater than 100,000 tags per second and works with multiple data sources across the enterprise including OPC UA Servers, OPC DA Servers, OPC XML DA Servers, BACnet, SNMP devices and many more. ICONICS Hyper Historian also provides full, web-based configuration via its integrated engineering Workbench. Optional redundant configurations are supported using redundant Collectors and redundant Loggers. The secure Hyper Historian supports Store-and-Forward technology and includes the ability to source and merge data from any open database, as well other historians that might currently be installed.

“We are pleased with ICONICS’ ability to provide a solution that can be built, maintained and controlled without paying consultants at every turn.”

Greg Howard, Systems Integration Manager | AES Wind Generation

“We like the versatility of GENESIS32. We use ICONICS software not just for graphics and control, but for our Plant Historian as well. With the flexibility of OPC, we can easily integrate GENESIS32 with the two Accelemetrics products, CommFidence and the Gas Storage Processing Engine. With the Kepware OPC Server, we can connect any PLC that we have. As we are often acquiring new facilities with different software and PLCs, GENESIS32 and Accelemetrics products have been a great fit for ENSTOR.”

Larry Whitaker, Operations Control Manager | ENSTOR

“ICONICS’ WebHMI product integrated 18 different OPC servers from different manufacturers and helped us visualize our operations using the standard Internet Explorer. The GENESIS32 product tied together our SAP, OSI PI historian, Measurex, ABB and Siemens PLCs using OPC technology. Our integrator, KONTRON CZECH, helped us build the most advanced Web-based visualization and information system for analyzing our complete Pulp & Paper plant application.”

Lubomir Rulisek, Pulp Mill Manager | Mondi Packaging Paper Štětí a.s. Co.

Features & Benefits of Hyper Historian™


Web-enabled Configuration and Administration

The robust, secure, reliable, thin-client Workbench console reduces engineering cost and speeds up project development and deployment time.


Remote Collectors

Provides a distributed multi-collector architecture for remote locations to collect historical information. Remote collectors integrate ICONICS Universal Connectivity capability including OPC-UA, BACnet, SNMP and more.


Redundant, Robust, High-Performance and Scalable

Enables faster response for data storage, data-mining and retrieval with high compression algorithm for all your real-time, enterprise-wide information.


Designed for 64-bit and .NET

The first true Microsoft Windows 64-bit, high performance, robust, scalable and secure enterprise-wide real-time data historian.


2D and 3D Real-time Charts and Trends

The runtime operational interface provides a rich user interface for complete visualisation of real-time and historical data with 2D and 3D charts.


Intelligent Asset Management

HyperHistorian is integrated with AssetWorX Intelligent Asset Technology. Aggregations from historical data can be included as properties of any equipment or enterprise asset, and used with any asset’s advanced analytics.


Industrial SQL Query Engine and Web Service API

Standard SQL queries and web service interfaces can be defined to source data from any SQL database and most IT systems. The same interfaces can be used to acquire any data stored in the Hyper Historian.


Performance Calculations

HyperHIstorian includes a rich set of performance calculations, to perform aggregation, data quality analysis and selection, regressions and many more functions


Web-enabled Configuration and Administration

The Workbench provided with Hyper Historian is a thin client, concurrent, design and configuration environment. This all inclusive, secure Workbench reduces engineering cost and speeds up the development time for any project. It includes integrated layout/project management and remote pack-and-go deployment capabilities.


Powerful Real-Time and Historical 3D Charts, Data Analysis and Reporting

From the Workbench, operators can add fully customisable 3D trends and charts that bring applications to life. Choose from the library of 3D charts such as X vs. Y, logarithmic, bar graph, strip chart recorder, circular and more to build clear and accurate representations of real-time and historical data. Use the intuitive ribbons and galleries to customise trends by adding color, gradients, smooth animation, translucency, glass effects, anti-aliasing and more to make data analysis clear and straightforward. Drag and drop data sources during runtime and view multiple trends simultaneously. Trend production numbers against a target, or plot batch data against a known recipe curve. Data can also be viewed in tabular formats with the ability to enter operator comments as well as manage lab data and audit trails in accordance with 21 CFR Part 11 policies. The Hyper Historian can connect with all ICONICS BizViz and AnalytiX applications to create best-in-class reporting, analysis, portal or data bridging applications.


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