Next Generation in HMI/SCADA Automation Software
GENESIS64™ is an advanced 64-bit multi-core, multi-processor HMI/SCADA solution suite designed for Microsoft operating systems. ICONICS GENESIS64 suite is a native .NET application that delivers unparalleled performance with OPC, BACnet, Modbus, and open standard database connectivity. The GENESIS64 suite provides connectivity from plant floor and building facilities to corporate business systems. Designed to leverage 64-bit, .NET managed code, and OPC UA technologies, GENESIS64 allows operators, executives, and IT professionals to integrate real-time manufacturing, energy, and business information into a secure and unified web-enabled visualization dashboard.

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Distributed Alarm Management

Enterprise-wide distributed alarm management is provided through AlarmWorX™64, ICONICS' native alarming module. AlarmWorX64 offers the tools to deliver real-time alarm management throughout a system, with ISA 18.2 compliance features. Users can manage alarms with a preconfigured AlarmWorX64 Viewer to integrate into any SCADA or HMI display.

Real-time and Historical Trends

Visualize enterprise-wide data into trends, logs, charts, and reports with the GENESIS64 trending module, TrendWorX™64. Chart real-time and historical data from any relational database to provide users with actionable data. Customize trends with colors, multiple data sources, multiple cursors, and animation. Interact with trends in runtime with multiple playback and filtering functions.

Product Features
Visualize assets with 2D and 3D graphics
Utilize object-oriented distributed alarm management
Customize asset and tag organization
Configure and develop in a web-based environment
Command countless tools for visualizing data
Save and export updated configurations