Advanced Energy Management Software

Energy AnalytiX® is an energy monitoring, analysis, and management system that delivers rich, real-time visualization, providing open universal data connectivity and data integration to a wide variety of BMS, SCADA, ERP, and control systems. Managers of any building or plant can utilize this revolutionary smart energy software solution that is intuitive to configure, customize, and operate. Energy AnalytiX includes built-in calculations, analytics, a data historian, reporting, and the visualization needed to take decisive action in order to reduce and manage utility costs and consumption.

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Intuitive Configuration

Energy AnalytiX employs web-based configuration capabilities, including asset navigation that provides intuitive setup and configuration to any level of aggregation. Users can drill down to specific sources of energy inefficiencies and locate suspected consumption offenders. Consumers can be easily cross-compared within the same metrics using roll-up calculations.

Actionable Information

Energy AnalytiX connects, analyzes, logs, and visualizes information in a way that is intuitive and accessible. A Site Summary Overview provides instant information on energy consumption, financials, and the environmental impact.

Product Features
Visualize cost savings from energy management
Generate standard cost, consumption, and carbon reports
Drill down into causes of abnormal energy use
Scale across a single building or entire campus
Reduce engineering time with preconfigured charts
Integrate and interact with historical data