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What is Alarm Analytics™

Alarm Analytics™ provides insight into alarm frequency, statistics, user acknowledgements, priority distributions and hidden correlations. Personnel are able to visualise, analyse, and manage alarm information. Proper analysis of alarms and events in a manufacturing plant reveals significant opportunities for improving current operations and mitigating abnormal situations. BizViz Alarm Analytics captures and analyses all alarm and event information to identify frequent alarms, chattering alarms, cross-correlated alarms, and many more alarm-related issues. This module also records, analyses, and displays operator-initiated process changes, which yield significant insight into the performance of the entire system.

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Features & Benefits of Alarm Analytics™


Store Alarms and Events to Popular Databases

Captures and archives alarms, operator actions and system events into SQL, Oracle, Access or MSDE.


Analyse Alarms in Real-time

Identifies unusual alarm occurrences, trends in plant alarms and control modules responsible.


Industry Standard Reports

Delivers alarm information in compliance with Alarm Management standards. Predefined reports and wizards help focus on plant area, time period or event type.


Advanced Alarm Key Performance Indicators

Pre-configured KPI templates save you time, and automatically triggered reports save you effort via ICONICS powerful scheduling engine.


Robust Workbench Application

Centralised, Web-based environment for configuration and monitoring of all BizViz components.


Easy-to-share Reports

View reports in Microsoft Excel, PDF or HTML on the Web, share your reports with relevant parties efficiently.


Industry Standard Based Alarm Reporting

Alarm Analytics supports industry standards for Alarm Management as issued by OSHA and the EEMUA. The Alarm Analytics module contains over 15 standard reports with advanced Alarm KPIs.


Flexible Analysis of Alarms

Alarm Analytics allows you to investigate your organisations alarm information from multiple angles. Use Cross Correlation Analysis to find and resolve alarms that occur one after another. Understand Operator-initiated process changes. Analyse how long it takes an operator to respond to each alarm condition, and the time for the condition to return to normal. View reports for “Standing Alarms” by Interval and "Alarm Rate Distribution."


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