ICONICS UK become Perf-IT’s sales agent for DCIM in the UK and Ireland.

ICONICS UK are excited to announce that we will be partnering with Perf-IT and will act as the UK + Ireland based sales agent for Perf-IT’s Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solution. Perf-IT, world leaders in DCIM are offering the first open industrial datacentre monitoring solution on the market, built on ICONICS COTS technology. Due to its large number of connectors, DCIM is able to communicate with all equipment and software packages, regardless of brand or protocol.

Martin Matse, CEO & Founder of Perf-IT said “we are very excited to be partnering with ICONICS UK. Their specialist knowledge in visualisation and control systems combined with their experience and brand awareness within UK market will allow us to reach and hopefully help more organisations make their datacentres, smart datacentres. We have built some very powerful configuration tools using ICONICS, allowing our system to holistically manage any datacentre, pretty much out of the box; the auto configuration tools for displays, tag databases and alarm databases will really save our clients money in development and deployment time costs”

Perf-IT example screen

DCIM users can holistically manage all aspects of their datacentres, for example:

  • Building Management: Create an integral overview of all your Building management systems. No separate displays for fire detection, leak detection, door entrance but just one central overview.
  • Cooling Management: Unify all your cooling systems in your datacentre, chillers, CRAC units, pumps and water treatment systems.
  • Energy Management: Get a clear view of your electrical infrastructure, where power is measured, UPS systems are monitored and all trips are visualized into the system and be sure that all power consumption in invoiced to the right customers.
  • Capacity Management: Use your power data and asset-data for real-time capacity calculations. When expanding your datacentre, do you get notified when you UPS, EPG or Busbar reach the limit? With capacity monitoring you are able to balance the energy in your datacentre and even postpone future investments.
  • Dashboards: By creating dashboards you will get a quick look into your datacentre without moving through all kinds of displays, you even may integrate map structures to get an overview of all datacentres all over the country.
  • Advanced Alarming: Bring all your alarms to one platform, giving you the flexibility to see alarms and their correlation in one dashboard.


For more information, or to understand how we can help manage your datacentre – please get in touch.



Written by
Sam Walton

Sam Walton