10.95 is Here!

ICONICS is pleased to announce the release of its version 10.95 products! This new release is packed with a multitude of new features including the powerful new IoTWorX™ product, ICONICS cloud-based IoT solution. Version 10.95 also includes full migrations of our reporting and data bridging with ReportWorX™64 and BridgeWorX™64. MobileHMI™ 3D displays can now be visualised as holographic overlays on top of a real world environment via Microsoft HoloLens. These new innovations, in combination with a vast number of additional updates and new features, represent our most powerful suite of products to date, leveraging the latest advancements in visualisation, data logging, and analytical analysis. 

Additionally, the ICONICS Suite installation empowers users to install all ICONICS 64-bit products from a single, unified installation. Users who require ScriptWorX™64 or Hyper Historian Collectors should use the GENESIS64™ standalone installation and Hyper Historian standalone installation, respectively.

So What's New?

GENESIS64 v10.95, HMI/SCADA and visualisation suite, features a number of new enhancements and updates, including: 

  • AssetWorX™ Alarming – Asset-based alarm counting and rollup
  • ISA 18.2 Alarm Management – Additional alarm states and increased filtering capabilities
  • Data Diagram and Event Chart – Insightful visualisation of historical and event data
  • Actions – Powerful workflows, schedules, and triggers
  • Time Zone Synchronisation and Global Cursors – Intuitive trending and analysis
  • PowerShell Technology – Scripting  for application configuration and deployment
  • Native Modbus Integration – OPC clients and Modbus Ethernet I/O devices

New AnalytiX® v10.95 features include:

  • ReportWorX64 – Advanced reporting capabilities
  • BridgeWorX64 – Powerful data bridging technology 
  • Improved energy charting, analysis, and asset navigation

Hyper Historian enhancements include:

  • Hyper-scalable Performance Calculation Engine – Distributed processing of calculations
  • Asynchronous Expressions Engine – Increased expression processing speed

Hyper Historian Debugging – Native troubleshooting process

MobileHMI v10.95 includes: 

  • New Holographic Machine Interface – Innovative augmented reality HMI 
  • KPIWorX™ – Self-service dashboards with new widgets for business intelligence and data analytics 
  • Facility AnalytiX® Viewer – Fault detection and diagnostics on any mobile device
  • GridWorX™ Charting – Analytical components for database access 
  • New Push Notifications – Native alerts within connected apps

Product downloads can be requested at http://www.iconics-uk.com/products. Customers and partners with a valid SupportWorX login can download products immediately at https://getconnected.iconics.com/Home/Support/ProductDownload.aspx.  


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