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What is GridWorXWhat is GridWorX™

GridWorX™ brings the power of spreadsheet visualisation to HMI/SCADA applications.  integrating legacy and external database data to be used with HMI/SCADA systems, as historical information, or real time monitoring and control. GridWorX™ supports data sets from a range of databases such as: SQL server, ODBC (x64), OLEDB (x64), SAP and Oracle (via ODP.NET). 

Organise Your Data

Organise your data in a simple and logical way with GridWorX™, query design functionality enables users to filter and sort data sets in real time. Data can easily be managed and configured into grids, and compared against other data sets, providing users with key operational insight. Configured in the central Workbench application, data sets can be used numerous times, or updated with powerful Read, Write, Insert and Delete control, saving on engineering time when needed again. The GridWorX™ viewer visualises data derived from a database or OPC DA server using data grids. Basic functionality allows users to configure an interface and compare data sets.

GridWorX Operator Runtime 

Through the powerful SQL Query Designer engine, operators can access greater insight to their data. Users can sort and filter to view the most important organisational data, and group data sets to visualise and compare data with ease. Visibility of essential data is simple, with conditional, rule based colour coding, so engineer can save time and quickly identify any issues and resolve them as quickly as possible, to reduce downtime.

Want to See the Full Capabilities of GridWorX™?

GridWorX Features & Benefits.pngFeatures & Benefits of GridWorX™

  • Easy to use Data Interfaces
    Take advantage of pre-configured data interfaces to be used with SQL, Oracle, MySQL, OLEDB (x64 Driver), ODBC (x64 Driver)
  • Read/Write/Insert/Delete Functionality
    From simple to advanced queries, utilise full functionality from the GridWorX Viewer with a SQL Interface
  • Intuitive GridWorX Data Viewer
    The GridWorX Viewer allows users to configure interfaces to their needs, Sort, Filter and Group data for intuitive real-time and Database Visualisation. Pre-configured query designers provide an SQL wizard for performing database actions with ease, requiring little SQL knowledge to manage your database
  • Universal Connectivity
    Built on Open Standards, GridWorX™ supports connectivity to real time and legacy data sources supporting BACnet, OPC, SNMP, Web Services and more. Plug in real time and legacy data with ease into a central system from supported data sources such as: 64-bit OLE and ODBC drivers

GridWorX™  Product Brochure

GridWorX Product Brochure

GridWorX™  Product BriefGridWorX Product Brief



University of Pennsylvania

With over 25,000 students and 17,500 staff, the university of Pennsylvania (Penn) required a centralised HMI/SCADA system for its 120 strong buildings campus.  Penn streamlined operations, increased energy efficiency and sustainability, all of this was achieved by using ICONICS to centralise the monitoring and control of 14 million square feet of real estate. The key to the successful deployment was ICONICS scalability, allowing for pilots and rapid deployment when required.

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R-CUA, French based heat network specialists, required a solution which monitored the power plant and heat distribution in the city of Strasbourg in real time. Users were able to Monitor the systems anywhere, anytime and on any device via ICONICS powerful Mobile HMI™.

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