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The Goal of our Smart Building Software

At ICONICS, we are committed to deliver Smart Building software and technology innovations that help our client base around the world improve the environment by saving energy and reducing their carbon footprint.  Our goal is to allow our clients to save a minimum of 10-20% in energy and/or carbon consumption using 'Smart Building Software & Technology'.

“(GENESIS64 is) friendly point and click set-up software with no additional help needed.”

Roy Robins Systems Integrator | City of Enid, Oklahoma

“ICONICS software has enabled us to build an independent open system for the Kista Science Tower. The GraphWorX design application in GENESIS32 allowed us to create rich graphics and we were able to take advantage of reusable graphic components”.

Joakim Platbarzdis, Integrator | CIT Sweden AB

“ICONICS software has been an evolving tool for our facility moving from simple graphics to intricate screens in our decade long relationship. It allows facility mechanics to monitor, control, and adjust most systems throughout the campus. We pride ourselves on reacting to and correcting issues before they are ever realized by our customers. ICONICS helps our daily mission be a successful one.”

Robert Smith, Building Services Manager | Longmont United Hospital

“The Alias functionality within the product saved us a lot of time in building displays. This enabled us to reuse the same display for another floor.”

Guy van Lingen, Project Engineer | JCI Netherlands