“We are pleased with ICONICS’ ability to provide a solution that can be built, maintained and controlled without paying consultants at every turn.”

Greg Howard, Systems Integration Manager | AES Wind Generation

“We are very pleased with the ease of use and wide accessibility that ICONICS software provides. The technical support has also been absolutely outstanding.”

Robert Kelley, Chemistry Supervisor | Ameren

“The ease of use, speed of deployment and project management capabilities of ICONICS’ GENESIS32 HMI/SCADA suite resulted in a 30% savings on engineering-related costs. This was a major benefit, and enabled us to meet critical deadlines prior to the 2008 Summer Olympics.”

Ng Liang Chin, Project Manager | ST Engineering

BIS’ ultimate aim of creating a comprehensive data solution to manage all aspects of property asset management has been achieved through working in partnership with ICONICS. Whatever the request ‘no’ or ‘we can’t do that’ does not appear to be words in their vocabulary; the project team regularly go above and beyond to consistently exceed expectations in tight time frames.

Roger Taylor, Property Director | Department for Business, Innovation & Skills

"To summarize ICONICS, I would say they were professional, responsive and competent."

Eric Blancard, Project Manager | CIAT

“(GENESIS64 is) friendly point and click set-up software with no additional help needed.”

Roy Robins Systems Integrator | City of Enid, Oklahoma

“We have been extremely pleased with the functionality and operation of the ICONICS software. We have utilized many of their features, and they have allowed us to implement a full scale replacement of our system.”

Kent Conkle, Utility Manager | City of Grapevine, Texas

“ICONICS software allows usage on multiple product lines using the same architecture, thereby increasing through put and decreasing implementation time. GENESIS32™ reduces the number of databases on a system typically from 8 to 4, and allows PLC development software to run on PCs during the production process. GENESIS32 also accelerates software modifications to the machines.”

Jack Porter | Comau Pico

“I am very pleased with our choice of a partner for the system integration project in the plant. Together with EXBIT we completed a very good and useful project. It fulfilled the demands of management and personnel with a complete solution that is very high quality.”

Кristiyan Dzhurbinev, Manager of Control Systems Maintenance | Contour Global Maritza East 3

“In selecting ICONICS’ GENESIS32 for our offshore applications, Converteam focused upon OPC connectivity to ensure that this standard would allow on-going flexibility in the choice and development of controllers in the future. Equally important was the capability to develop well tested modular solutions that could be re-deployed according to the project’s particular requirements.”

Gerry Palmer, Converteam Software Section Leader | PC Products & Tools

“Cully Automation Ltd. chose ICONICS’ AnalytiX solution firstly because of the working relationship and support which ICONICS has given us in the past, and secondly because we think ICONICS now has the software tools at their disposal with GENESIS64 and AnalytiX to deliver the complete countywide SCADA, Leakage and Energy Management solution to our customer.”

David Cully, Project Manager | Cully Automation

“With products such as GENESIS32, PocketGENESIS, and WebHMI, ICONICS has helped us accomplish our control system goals.”

Ed Diggs Production Supervisor | Cucamonga Valley Water District

“ICONICS’ ability to quickly collect, visualize, and report OPC data, and the mix of robust OPC clients was the reason we based our Enterprise Information System on GENESIS32”.

Eric Bellas, Director of Engineering | Cyberlogic

“They really understand what we do and what we need; when I make a support call it does not matter to who I speak as they all know who we are, what we do and at what level to address our request. We never need to escalate a support request - we leave ICONICS to do that.”

Marco Heyd, CEO | S.A.H. Heyd Group

“ICONICS was selected for this job for their superior 3D graphics, ease of use and close relationship with Phoenix Contact.”

Marco Heyd CEO | S.A.H. Heyd Group

"Dynastar benefits from development from ICONICS, which resulted in a simple and very powerful solution."

Pierre-Marie Guillaud | Energy Management Rep.

The tools that ICONICS has to offer allow us to automate the monitoring of the performance and efficiency of our sites and identify areas of concern that can be targeted to eliminate waste and improve both our environmental and commercial performance.

Andrew Dann Asset Integrity Engineer | E.ON

“This application using GENESIS32 and integrated by Bohemia Instruments created the ability to centrally control our hydro- powered electrical plants, and made production planning and historical data archiving very easy. The new system will reduce the service calls to remote locations, thereby reducing our operating cost.”

Stanislav Cupr, Manager of Water Hydro Operating Controls | E.ON Trend s.r.o.

“We like the versatility of GENESIS32. We use ICONICS software not just for graphics and control, but for our Plant Historian as well. With the flexibility of OPC, we can easily integrate GENESIS32 with the two Accelemetrics products, CommFidence and the Gas Storage Processing Engine. With the Kepware OPC Server, we can connect any PLC that we have. As we are often acquiring new facilities with different software and PLCs, GENESIS32 and Accelemetrics products have been a great fit for ENSTOR.”

Larry Whitaker, Operations Control Manager | ENSTOR

“ICONICS WebHMI provided a tangible, competitive advantage due to its efficient use of bandwidth. Efficient data transfer was critical as the sites were located in remote areas only accessible via satellite technology.”

Michael Norman, Operations Manager | Wunderlich-Malec Engineering

“The ICONICS software system has significantly reduced development and implementation time and has allowed us to tailor the systems, very efficiently, to the customer needs.”

Dr. Davide Gardoni Project Supervisor | IDRA Presse

“ICONICS’ OPC technology has helped us to cut time for applications engineering.”

Boris Cherepanov, Chief Engineer | Technik-Trade

”The system has been in for many years, and it has been very reliable. The migration from the older version GraphWorX to the new has been a success. All aspects of the change-over from interfacing and gathering data from the Rotork Valve Package (Modbus) to the new OPC interface from ICONICS for the Allen Bradley PLC5 were completed in a timely manner with no downtime.”

Bill Cole, General Manager | Keokuk Municipal Water Works

“ICONICS software has enabled us to build an independent open system for the Kista Science Tower. The GraphWorX design application in GENESIS32 allowed us to create rich graphics and we were able to take advantage of reusable graphic components”.

Joakim Platbarzdis, Integrator | CIT Sweden AB

“The ICONICS GENESIS32 software system has significantly increased the completeness of our documentation and level of quality assurance.”

Milan Turinsky, Control Systems Engineer | Leciva, a.s.

“ICONICS GENESIS32 is a very powerful and easily configurable control platform. I have no problems with any of the suite components. The integration of scripting and expression editing provides much more power than I am used to.”

Frank Newell, Control Systems Support Specialist | Lincoln Wastewater Services

“ICONICS software has been an evolving tool for our facility moving from simple graphics to intricate screens in our decade long relationship. It allows facility mechanics to monitor, control, and adjust most systems throughout the campus. We pride ourselves on reacting to and correcting issues before they are ever realized by our customers. ICONICS helps our daily mission be a successful one.”

Robert Smith, Building Services Manager | Longmont United Hospital

“With the higher performance of Windows Vista, which is fully supported by our ICONICS software, we anticipate a reduction in customization time by 30 to 40%, compared with Windows XP.”

Andy Krapf, Supervisor of Instrumentation and Controls | Loudoun Water

“The customer can easily handle the entire system just by looking at the general overview page and can handle all the commands with confidence. If necessary, they can switch between the two servers without having a temporary loss of communication within the field.”

Masnata Ivano, Project Manager | Elsag S.p.A.

“After interviewing a number of independent systems integrators, we decided to utilize ICONICS as the solution provider. We determined that, although not necessarily cheaper, the services that ICONICS could provide would be more consistent and would best use the features available in the GENESIS32 product.”

Mike Newby, Plant Engineering Manager | Manx Electricity Authority

“ICONICS has been a very powerful and effective solution for Metal Trade Comax’s data mining and data aggregation needs. ”

Petr Hornof, Programming Engineer | ADAX s.r.o.

Give me a little data and I'll tell you a little. Give me a lot of data and I'll save the World

Darrell Smith Director of Facilities and Energy | Microsoft

“ICONICS’ WebHMI product integrated 18 different OPC servers from different manufacturers and helped us visualize our operations using the standard Internet Explorer. The GENESIS32 product tied together our SAP, OSI PI historian, Measurex, ABB and Siemens PLCs using OPC technology. Our integrator, KONTRON CZECH, helped us build the most advanced Web-based visualization and information system for analyzing our complete Pulp & Paper plant application.”

Lubomir Rulisek, Pulp Mill Manager | Mondi Packaging Paper Štětí a.s. Co.

“GENESIS32 from ICONICS provides ease of use and open connectivity and allows us to produce a robust Outpost 2 SCADA system for our water/wastewater customers.”

Steve Carson, Vice President of Marketing | MultiTrode

“GENESIS32 is being used to help ensure a primary source of water for millions of people in New York City.”

Gabe Hauer | AdvanTech Corporation

“(On 9/11/01…) What was the value of this system the day it did not shut down? From my laptop, I tapped into the Pentagon’s automation network and sent out commands that closed dampers and turned off fans around the building to contain the smoke.”

Steve Carter, Facilities Engineer | The Pentagon

“ICONICS Productivity Analytics, in addition to identifying issues, has been used to drive a cultural change in the company […] This system has been a great success and the production capacity found to exist in the current plants has exceeded any expectation.”

Jon McArthur, Manufacturing Technology Engineer | PGT Industries

“While there are so many new tools and capabilities in the GENESIS32™ product, the one outstanding feature is the ability to add, delete and change data tags while the system is online and functioning.”

Bob Gilbreath, Computer, Control & Instrumentation Supervisor | Racine Water & Wastewater Utilities

“ICONICS is one of the best of the breed that I have seen in visualization.”

Dr. Jochen Rode, P.h.D., Project Lead | SAP Research, CEC Dresden, SAP AG

“We have a very positive opinion of ICONICS and its GENESIS32 HMI/SCADA suite. It has helped to save time and costs for our oil and gas industry clients requiring flexible, extendable visualization solutions, as well as in our company’s development processes.”

Vyacheslav Zavyalov, Control System Specialist | SC «ATS»

“The Alias functionality within the product saved us a lot of time in building displays. This enabled us to reuse the same display for another floor.”

Guy van Lingen, Project Engineer | JCI Netherlands

It was clear to us that the simplistic nature of the ICONICS tool set and available functionality would enable the flexibility to drive a range of business improvements aimed at enhancing the service and experience provided to our customers

Bernie Rodden Intelligent Control Centre Manager | Scottish Water

“We have used ICONICS software products almost exclusively on our installations since 1991. Their consistent high performance and value are always major factors in the success of our projects. The versatility and fully customizable nature of the software allowed us to adapt perfectly to the varied technical issues we encountered on the Solebury campus and to precisely tailor the HMI to fit the needs of their personnel.”

Walter L. Horigan, President | Vortechs Automation, Inc.

“Thermo Systems selected the ICONICS GENESIS32 suite based on its proven track record in mission-critical control system applications, including FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. Our customers are able to more easily expand their control systems due to ICONICS’ non-proprietary, flexible, OPC-based solutions.”

David Musto, Principal | Thermo Systems

“ICONICS were able to reduce our operational cost while providing us with technology we can grow with.”

Ed Rick, System Manager | Town Of Tonawanda Water Resource Dept.

"ICONICS' technology was the most user-friendly, providing a dashboard with all the information on one screen. I wouldn't have to call a third party, who would then write a report each month - and, in the time it took to get the report, I could miss seeing a problem for a month."

Ruthy Bennett, Regional Energy Manager | Towns of Arlington and Bedford, MA

“The ICONICS GENESIS32 software is so easy to use. DataWorX32 is a very understated component with a great deal of power. The graphics that can easily be created in GraphWorX are outstanding.”

Senior Management Team | UB McVitie’s Glasgow Plant

“GENESIS64 gave us unparalleled flexibility for creating the content we needed. We just plugged [it] onto our system to communicate with all our existing hardware interface drivers and software. With its GraphWorX64 tool, our HMI visualizations are much more intuitive and it was easy to do it myself.”

Greg Telesz, Director of Engineering | VEC Technology, LLC