Smart Symbols in GraphWorX64

26th May 2016

Data Visualisation: Smart Symbols

We understand the value in increasing productivity in the workplace and encourage the use of any tools that can be used to increase efficiency in development. Often those who are new to HMI visualisation find that their work-rate can be limited by the time consuming nature of developing large complex objects. For these reasons, ICONICS provide mechanisms to increase the speed in which GraphWorX displays can be developed and as part of this we advise users to implement Smart Symbols into their displays wherever possible.

What are Smart Symbols?

Smart Symbols are an advanced form of object groups. Utilising them in development can save engineers time by removing the need to drill into inner objects to modify properties. Users can simplify object configuration by exposing deep child properties to the top level of a symbol as ‘Smart Properties’ for quick and easy adjustments.

Creating Smart Symbols

A Smart Symbol can easily be created with a few clicks. In order to do this an object must first be grouped and then converted into a Smart Symbol. This is done by right-clicking on the grouped object and selecting ‘Convert to Smart Symbol’.



Creating and Using Smart Properties

In order to expose a particular property to the top level of the Smart Symbol, a Smart Property must be created and bound the desired descendant object property. This example will show how to create and bind a Smart Property to the background colour of a gauge found in the Symbol Library.

  1. Select the child object that has the property to be converted.

Smart Symbol image 2 Reduced.png

     2. Right click the property to be converted and select Add to Smart Properties.

     3. Define a name and click OK.

The property will now be exposed to the top level of the symbol via Smart Property binding and can be modified as if the changes were being made to the descendant property.


In occasions where there may be a lot of Smart Properties defined on the top level of the symbol, Smart Symbols can be grouped within one another to compartmentalise properties to their respective subgroups.


In conclusion, Smart Symbols are a powerful tool to use within GraphWorX to maximise efficiency in display development. Utilising the techniques shown in this article should provide you with a base knowledge of the capabilities of Smart Symbols that you can later build on. Stay tuned for further blog posts on the uses of tools such as Smart Symbols within GraphWorX64. Alternatively, more detailed information can be found through the Customer Connection Portal

Written by
Alec Parker

Alec Parker