Self-service Dashboards: a Paradigm Shift in Software Projects

17th March 2016

The way it's always been

It is fascinating to see how technology and data drive fundamental shifts in the way that we live and work, and how that sometimes means dragging old ways of interacting with systems into the “new world”. This is especially evident in process and utility control, and particularly visualisation systems. A system is defined and specified and a project is then carried out to configure the solution as a set of pre-created visualisations and fixed navigation. The design of the system attempts to provide, but does not necessarily always accommodate for, all the possible needs of the users. This is typically either through time or budget constraints. The users of the resulting systems are then tasked with carrying out their activities in ways which are not always the most efficient.

Is self-service technology the future?

Self-service dashboard capability turns the previous paradigm around on its head. Instead of creating a solution to try and accommodate for all needs, and all future requirements, a platform can instead be provided that can give safe, secure access to all the data that a user may need. The way that this data is visualised and interpreted is then an end-user workflow task, not development.

Have a look at how ICONICS KPIWorX™ dashboard technology provides a simple but powerful way to access your data, be it corporate or process.





Written by
Milesh Patel

Milesh Patel