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What is ScriptWorX2010™

ScriptWorX2010™, which now runs as a Windows service, allows the creation and management of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) scripts. The robust, stand-alone ScriptWorX2010 application’s unique multi-tasking, multi-processor environment allows multiple scripts to run concurrently. User-defined VBA scripts can perform OPC read-and-write operations to any OPC server, which interfaces to factory floor devices such as PLCs and other OPC-compliant servers.

“This application using GENESIS32 and integrated by Bohemia Instruments created the ability to centrally control our hydro- powered electrical plants, and made production planning and historical data archiving very easy. The new system will reduce the service calls to remote locations, thereby reducing our operating cost.”

Stanislav Cupr, Manager of Water Hydro Operating Controls | E.ON Trend s.r.o.

“The ICONICS GENESIS32 software system has significantly increased the completeness of our documentation and level of quality assurance.”

Milan Turinsky, Control Systems Engineer | Leciva, a.s.

“ICONICS Productivity Analytics, in addition to identifying issues, has been used to drive a cultural change in the company […] This system has been a great success and the production capacity found to exist in the current plants has exceeded any expectation.”

Jon McArthur, Manufacturing Technology Engineer | PGT Industries

“The ICONICS GENESIS32 software is so easy to use. DataWorX32 is a very understated component with a great deal of power. The graphics that can easily be created in GraphWorX are outstanding.”

Senior Management Team | UB McVitie’s Glasgow Plant

Features & Benefits of ScriptWorX2010™

Powerful Script Wizard Function

Aids in the code creation of commonly used scripts. It helps in creating a direct connection, for example, to OPC Servers, permitting your VBA code to read and write directly to data points. The Script Wizard can also automatically generate code to interface with AlarmWorX32, GraphWorX32 and TrendWorX32 components.


Unique Multitasking, Multi-Processor Environment

Allows multiple scripts to run concurrently. ScriptWorX32 takes maximum advantage of VBA 6.4 multi-tasking and multi-threading capabilities. Simultaneously perform calculations, manage databases, and execute any operation available in the VBA language to access reports or perform recipe operations.


OPC Data Access Client Application

Built on OPC-To-The-Core technology, ScriptWorX2010 is can easily plug-n-play not only with ICONICS servers and components, but other 3rd-Party hardware interface drivers and software as well.


Turn OPC Data Access Points into Script Event Triggers

Have a script run whenever a digital point turns on or off. You can even build complex expressions combining multiple OPC data points together to create versatile script triggers.


Configure Alarm Scripts

These scripts can be triggered by OPC Alarms & Events. Combined with alarm filters, this powerful tool solves even the toughest project demands.


Periodic (Time-Based) Scripts

Can be scheduled to simultaneously execute. These can be as simple as "run a script every hour" to "run this script on the 2nd Tuesday of every other month". There are also "Global Scripts" which can be triggered manually or via OLE Automation. A built in Script Monitor function provides tuning and analysis of script execution.


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