MobileHMI™ V10.9 Adds New Augmented Reality Features

24th November 2015

Augmented Reality


This is a new frontier in the world of HMI/SCADA and Building Automation applications, and location services are the key to tying that information to physical pieces of equipment and assets. This innovative group of MobileHMI features allows users to automatically load and display data based on their location and proximity to devices and meters. These include:

  •     QR Codes – allows users to scan pre-established physical QR codes on a device and retrieve current and historical information about that device in real time.
  •     GPS – global positioning system - renders a map and information associated with that location. Mobile users can view information preconfigured for a user’s physical location.
  •     OCR – optical character recognition - allows mobile devices to derive information from scanned standard alphanumeric characters.
  •     Barcodes – this type of scanning helps prevent operator confusion by utilising physical tags associated with equipment.
  •     NFC – near field communication – allows users to create a connection to any supported device without the need for a physical connection, allowing users to monitor or configure data and settings remotely with automatic connection and no need for any additional infrastructure.

“ICONICS is a leading developer of data mobility solutions,” said Russ Agrusa, President and CEO of ICONICS. “With our new MobileHMI V10.9, users out in the field can take advantage of fast data retrieval and control whether from code scanning, GPS location, near field connection or more. We developed location services to provide users with as many augmented reality options as possible.”


 Over 300,000 installations in over 60 countries worldwide


ICONICS software is recommended for automating, monitoring and optimising a customer’s most critical assets and has been selected by over 70 percent of Fortune 500 companies. ICONICS was recently recognised as Microsoft’s 2014 CityNext Partner of the Year. This award highlights the continued relationship between Microsoft and ICONICS. In 2013, ICONICS was named an Application Development Partner of the Year Finalist. In 2012, ICONICS was recognised as Microsoft’s Sustainability Partner of the Year.

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Written by
Sam Walton

Sam Walton