ICONICS UK Awarded ISO 50001 Certificate

10th October 2016

BSI-Award Ceremony.png

Andre Scherpenzeel, Technical Director (left), Sam Walton, UK Marketing Manager (centre) and Maureen Sumner Smith, MD at BSI UK&I (right)

What is ISO 50001?

Effective energy management is pretty much a compulsory requirement of any environmentally friendly business in this day and age, and there is no better way to achieve this than to meet the international standard of ISO 50001. This standard, which outlines policy, objectives and continuous improvement for energy management, has been developed by experts from more than 60 countries, helping businesses save energy, cut costs and become regulatory compliant. A good example of regulatory requirements would be the UK’s Energy Savings and Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) launched by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC); ISO 50001 is one example of a direct route to ESOS compliance.

Achieving Compliance with Our Products

At ICONICS UK we are very proud to hold this achievement, an achievement which recognises the systems we have in place both permit, and inspire a more energy efficient business. The additional significance for us of course, is that we develop world class energy management and monitoring software solutions to help our customers strive for that exact same environmental excellence.

We have succeeded in achieving ISO 50001 by building a solution using GENESIS64TM and Hyper HistorianTM which are now collecting data from all over our building, everything from electricity supply, plug load and air-conditioning usage to server room supply, lighting and gas consumption. Within a couple of clicks we can segment our data by asset and time, whilst identifying energy trends via energy dashboards and reports.

"The new system allows us to see a full picture of our energy consumption and make informed environmentally-focused decisions. We see the capabilities of GENEIS64TM every day, but there’s something special about seeing it run in our building”

Andre Scherpenzeel, Technical Director at ICONICS UK.

Our Next Steps

Firstly, we're looking forward to showcasing the NEW system to all our office visitors who are interested in making reductions in their own buildings and operations. Why worry about demonstrating the product when you can see it running and prove its power in your own building? In the meantime, we will continue to strive for business excellence and quality service across our entire operation as we move forward as a company and look to our next BSI certificate.

Written by
James Bramwell

James Bramwell