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Self-service Run-time Dashboards

Users can create KPI Dashboards in run-time, by dragging and dropping data sources into fully mobile responsive gauges, process points, trends, alarms and grids. ICONICS have built an application (KPIWorX) that allows users to configure their own personalised KPI Dashboards within a live (run-time) system. The idea is that users can drag and drop data, configure widgets and split screens all within a few clicks; this application is perfect for on-the spot display creation for visualising data when it is needed.

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Bespoke Visualisation Dashboards

Transform all your enterprises or operational data into one, KPI driven, real-time dashboard built on commercial off the shelf products. Aggregate and visualise all your operational and enterprise data from any sub-system, in one real-time Key Performance Indicator driven front end. Two great examples of bespoke KPI dashboard solutions are our Situational Awareness for Water and Situational Awareness for Manufacturing.


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