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An advanced IoT-enabled Interoperable Platform for Smart Spaces

  • Energy Management & Predictive Analytics
  • Space Optimisation & Room Booking
  • Occupancy & Smart IoT Solutions

The Value of a Tenant-first Approach

When data strategies, systems and apps are first tailored to occupants, and the physical building second, ROI rises. Why? Because the business costs on people are 10 times the operational cost of real estate, and 100 times the operational cost of energy consumption. ICONICS are proud to be leading the way in delivering software-based Digital Workplaces that empower people and spaces first, but in tandem to energy and asset performance.

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Think Interoperability.

We believe data should be seamlessly, securely and rapidly served up to any authorised user or application within a building or estate, regardless of existing systems or specified vendor. It is ICONICS’ high standard of interoperability, driven by the Internet of Things (IoT), that ultimately enables consultants, building operators and integrators to deliver innovative spaces of the future with our platform.

We'll act as  your MSI

ICONICS has a long history of delivering integrated solutions. Our solution delivery teams come from a mixed IT and engineering background and are equally comfortable talking to corporate IT about secure networks as we are talking to subsystem providers about control strategies and data being exposed from these systems.

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Access Control

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Air & Wellness

Wellness = Productivity

The quality of our air and the temperature of our buildings is a key factor in the health and well-being of building occupants. What if our buildings could auto-detect high-levels of CO2 and other pollutants, and make appropriate HVAC adjustments before impacting employee productivity?  

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Bike Stores

As commuting into work evolves, your workplace should make it easier to identify services such as free bike docks, available locker space and available showering facilities as well as being able to provide notifications when your bike has been repaired.

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Utilise Existing BIM Infrastructures

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an integral visualisation standard within Building Management. New and Existing models can easily be imported and utilised within the ICONICS platform without additional data input. BIM models can be supplemented with the vast amounts of IoT data Intelligent Buildings are now collecting.

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Car Park

Bringing Car Parking functionality into your Intelligent Building has never been simpler. Capabilities such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition, visualising the available spaces and exposing capacity in real-time brings smoother visitor and employee monitoring.

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CCTV & Security

Integration of your security system and CCTV, historically standalone systems, with the rest of your Intelligent Building enables new scenarios such as being able to drive Pan,Tilt and Zoom on a CCTV camera to a specific equipment fault, or to supplement your fire evacuation procedures by exposing real-time occupancy data to your fire marshals.

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Desk Management

Add solutions that provide desk/room occupancy and traffic flow in a privacy aware way that aligns with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Gain insights into the utilisation of your work places and support spaces 24/7, and make this information available for digital signage/wayfinding to make it easier for users to find specific space.

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Digital Lockers

Make the process of finding free locker space across multiple floors easier for your employees by integrating the locker system into your Intelligent Building system, exposing this data on digital signage.

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Energy Management

Our Energy Management solutions can address any sized application from a single meter building to an entire campus or multi-site enterprise. Natively within the ICONICS platform, users can create IT firewall-friendly, secure custom energy dashboards and kiosks to view energy reports and real-time analysis. Users can intuitively navigate large data sets and discover huge opportunities for energy improvement and cost reduction.

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Intelligent HVAC control is truly revolutionising the amount of energy our buildings consume. Via the Internet of Things (IoT) and the flood of data we are receiving from various sensors, our software intelligence can ensure that unoccupied rooms and spaces don’t waste energy. ICONICS can also ensure that our HVAC systems are tuned to specification via our continuous commissioning / predictive analytics module – saving time and money on maintenance and energy costs.

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Lift Control

Imagine combining the data on your lifts with other building datasets such as occupancy or room booking. What if we could substantially reduce lift waiting times and thus increase employee wellbeing whilst reducing the amount of energy our lifts consume?

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Integrating Lighting control systems with the rest of your building opens up a vast array of optimisation capabilities such as auto-dimming the lighting based on available outside light levels, turning off lighting in areas that are currently unoccupied or in booked meeting rooms that no one arrived for. This extends to scene selections via mobile or voice for frictionless interaction with your environment.  

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Predictive Analytics

The ICONICS platform features an advanced fault rules engine, fully customisable for predictive maintenance and continuous commissioning - advising personnel of preventative actions across FM. The software detects and prioritises the probable cause of failure within smart building equipment that is usually unknown to tenants or FMs.

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Room Booking

Occupants can book and manage bookable spaces anywhere in the building. They can locate and be guided to their nearest free space and be confident that, upon arrival, the room will be tailored to their comfort preferences. Through a Single-Pane-of-Glass (SPOG) our people can book, control and extent their meeting experiences.

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Occupant Management

IoT technology is helping us monitor space and occupancy, to innovate and improve digital workplaces, but also to save money on surplus square footage. Together with hardware / delivery partners, our software can count people and traffic flow and allow users to make decisions based on actual utilisation of the space.

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Smart Bins

Businesses with sustainability targets will want to know how much waste is being generated and how to optimise their waste collection processes. Smart bin sensors integrated with your Intelligent Building will help to visualise your waste generation and assist with your sustainability target reporting.

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UX Tenant Apps

An Intelligent Building that has connections to all its subsystems enables the easy creation of rich tenant apps through a single secured Applications Programming Interface. Apps for user voting of comfort settings, reserving bookable spaces, sending feedback on facility or equipment issues…the scenarios are endless.

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Visitor Management & Digital Signage

First impressions are everything, so let’s deliver personalised, automated and secure visitor experiences for new and returning guests. Imagine a building that welcomed us with a bespoke message as we arrive at reception, automated our check-in experience and then guided us to and from our meeting room.

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Way Finding

Wayfinding technologies empower and guide people to find the things that they are looking for. It creates a visual map of building space, steering occupants to their meetings, available desks, their colleagues or specific resources in the building.  

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What is an Intelligent Building?

An Intelligent Building is defined as a set of dynamically connected smart systems that are made interoperable through accumulating, sharing, analysing, and acting upon the collective smart building data. 

When designed properly and effectively, the intelligent building platform will result in a more efficient, secure, and productive asset that has the capacity to continuously improve over its lifetime.

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