In June of this Year ICONICS celebrated 30 years of serving industry, where has that time gone too? ICONICS was founded by Russ Agrusa from his basement in 1986, but the company has grown to be a truly international software company providing technology, services and world class solutions to many of the largest companies on the planet.


It’s very humbling to see where we have come from, where we are today and what new exciting developments we have still to launch. All of this has been made possible by the talents and professionalism of our amazing team, over the years each and every one have all helped to contribute towards the success we see today, so a big thank-you to you all.

Having considered what are some of the major highs of our 30 years existence, I can think of many; being listed as one of the Fortune 500 fastest growing companies in America (#31), the first million pound order, working closely with Microsoft, signing major resale agreements with Johnson Controls and then Mitsubishi. But, I suspect the number one and most consistent factor for our success is the special relationship we have built up with our client base. A relationship of trust, partnership, of listening to our clients, jointly working with them on their challenges and using innovation to drive efficiency and energy savings. Being customer focused takes a lot of effort as a business, developing such a culture and mind set. I am proud to say that we always have, and always will, work through the challenges with our customers; here at ICONICS UK we refuse to operate on a blame-based culture, something that is becoming too common in our industry.

Exciting times lie ahead for ICONICS, we are certainly leading the way in terms of technology today and we plan to do our very best to maintain that position in the coming year’s. We look forward to continuing to listen to our customers’ needs and challenge the ICONICS team to create the most advanced real-time visualisation tools to meet and if possible exceed those expectations for the next 30 years….

Clive Walton, Managing Director, ICONICS UK

Written by
Clive Walton

Clive Walton